Q at Night – Reactive power outside of feed-in operation

The electrical grid has a fundamental need for reactive power and, in some cases, the requirement to avoid instabilities via reactive power feed-in. SMA Sunny Central CP XT inverters satisfy this requirement and make reactive power available even outside of normal feed-in periods. 

Grid stability

In order to ensure a stable grid, power producers take part in the compensation of reactive power. This isn’t a problem during the day: SMA inverters can generate reactive power during feed-in operation. Outside of normal feed-in operations, if reactive power needs to be compensated, the only solution has traditionally been to install cost-intensive compensation plants to generate reactive power.

With the “Q at Night” option, there is an additional solution: Sunny Central CP XT inverters can also make compensating reactive power possible at night. By utilizing reactive power during the day – and at night – utilities can leverage the use of existing equipment and avoid stand-alone solutions, resulting in superior performance.

Click here to learn more about the advantages of Q at Night, available on the Sunny Central CT XT.

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