Pedigree Ovens Debuts “Ultimutt” Solar Project

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In the Harvard, Ill., community, private-label pet treat brands Pedigree Ovens, Petdine, and The Pound Bakery have been known for their community leadership and engagement since 1996. The completion of their manufacturing plant solar-energy array honors their value of corporate stewardship and pays homage to their bark-worthy offerings for four-legged clientele.


The solar array developed and contracted by Simpleray and Althoff Industries, respectively, is designed in the shape of a large dog bone and paw print. Featuring the SMA Sunny Highpower PEAK3 inverter, the installation is a 1.7 megawatt system that will yield 2,044,244 kilowatt hours annually—enough to fully supply the company’s energy demands. The environmental benefit is perhaps even more impressive: the solar power generated will annually offset 1,456 tons of greenhouse gases.

“It’s really exciting to be part of a project as creative as this installation,” said Chuck Ellis, vice president of sales with SMA America. “The project has a positive impact on the environment, and its distinctive array design is both functional and a unique display of corporate sustainability.”

The SMA PEAK3 inverter contributes high efficiency to the system as the only inverter of its class to not require additional equipment, preventing lost energy production. By including the advantages of a decentralized system in a centralized design concept, the SMA inverter offers superior flexibility and control capability for a large array like Pedigree’s.

The project has gained recognition not only in the community but also among a national audience. Upon completion, the pawsome project was listed as a nominee in the non-residential (C&I ground-mount) category for Solar Builder Magazine’s Project of the Year.

Also working on this installation were HT-SAAE and OMCO Solar, who manufactured the modules and provided racking, respectively. The project was partially funded by the Adjustable Block Program, established by the Ill. Future Energy Jobs Act. The Adjustable Block Program encourages and sponsors the development of solar-power generation throughout the state, in both commercial and community projects.

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  1. Larry Phelps
    Larry Phelps says:

    I have a Sunnyboy inverter and would like to get an extended warranty. It is working for one just fine. Have all the s/n Can you send me a phone number for a person to contact. Thank you Larry

  2. Lati Kodravele
    Lati Kodravele says:

    Solar power project: Very interested to get quotation for a complete 0.5 megawatt solar power system for farm in DRCongo.

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