New York machine shop won’t be left in the dark

Carter, Milchman & Frank’s 25,000-square-foot warehouse in Queens, New York, expects to be energy-neutral with the commissioning of its 96 kW solar system. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and the process of restoring power, the industrial tool and machine distribution company decided on a battery back-up system for all critical loads, ensuring they won’t again be left in the dark.

Solar, savings and security

The company’s dual goals of reducing operating costs while increasing resiliency during power outages was met with one solution: solar. The team at Ross Solar designed and installed the custom rooftop system after an in-depth review of the facility’s total energy demands and critical loads that will need to stay energized during power outages.

During standard grid operation, the system will produce 116,000 kWh annually through 296 SunPower 327-watt modules and three Sunny Tripower 24000TL-US three-phase inverters. During a grid outage, the protected loads will be powered by three Sunny Island 6048 off-grid inverters and three Sunny Boy 3000-US inverters.

“CMF was looking for a cleaner and more reliable way to power its critical loads during outages,” said Robert Kline, Ross Solar Group’s director of commercial sales. “In addition to being the cleanest and most reliable solution, the cost of the electric service modification and the cost of the equipment itself were greatly mitigated by the incentives that are available for solar projects.”

Ross Solar knew designing a commercial system in an area of harsh winter environments, with the added complexity of a battery back-up element, meant the components will need to thrive in tough environments. The extended operating temperature range of the inverters and proven long-term reliability made SMA the only choice.

Serving the world

Founded in 1924, Carter, Milchman & Frank has been a leading provider of machinery and hard to find industrial equipment for thousands of domestic and international customers. With so many customers depending on them, it was imperative to never be without electricity after Hurricane Sandy.

That message was not lost on Ross Solar, who commissioned the system in October 2013 to rave reviews by Carter, Milchman & Frank. The next time the grid goes down they won’t be left in the dark.

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