Tech Tip: Installation and Commissioning of New Data Manager M Powered by ennexOS

The energy management of the future is here! Everything on one platform for the first time: intelligent connection of heating, cooling, solar power and e-mobility.

Data Manager M Installation & Commissioning Tech Tip

In an effort to digitize commercial energy management and bring greater energy independence to customers, SMA has introduced a new, future-proof generation of monitoring and control solutions with the Data Manager M, which replaces SMA’s Cluster Controller.

The Data Manager M is a flexible and expandable solution equipped to enable the business models of future energy markets. It is the ideal solution for commercial system owners and operators alike as it optimizes communication, monitoring and control of decentralized PV systems for up to 50 devices with Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS.

With a new, highly efficient user interface, the Data Manager M is easy to set up and commission.

Watch this Tech Tip to walk through the installation and commissioning of the Data Manager M, including the Sunny Portal registration.

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This article was published in 2018. As we are constantly developing our solutions, there may be newer or additional options for the tips and techniques in this article.

  1. Wes
    Wes says:

    Is there a relay function on the SI6048 that tells when the inverter is actually making power in an off grid situation? The run option is when the unit is out of standby mode. Not when it’s actually running.

  2. Sajal Aggarwal
    Sajal Aggarwal says:

    Hi ,

    Congrats for your replies above.
    Just finished installing Data Manager M , with a HM 2.0 ( used as an energy meter at main incomer -LT side of the transformer.

    I have a few Queries

    1) This site is a 290 kWp solar plant having modules in 3 different orientations . 160 kW is south facing with 23 degrees tilt , 66 kWp is east with 7 degree tilt and 66 kWp is west with 7 degree tilt . How will satellite PR be calculated in this case (I , however could not figured out how to bring on the PR widget on the Dashboard). There must be an options in the sub sections at least to assign different tilts & orientations.

    2) Analysis pro shows only power , reactive power and specific yield . How will the other parameters be displayed like IR , DC voltage etc

    3) As you must be aware , STP 25000 inverter ( we have used 9 nos. on this particular site ) has a problem of showing spike in the data , will this be resolved after we put data manager M

    Sajal Aggarwal

  3. Nicodemus Mugachia
    Nicodemus Mugachia says:


    How can i connect and configure Moxa – ioLogik E1242-T with the Module Temperature Sensor, Ambient Temperature sensor and the Irriadiance sensor.


  4. Mahmoud Abu El-Enein
    Mahmoud Abu El-Enein says:

    Hi ,

    I have 5 * 50 k inverters with 2*25k and 1*10 k in one project, i need to connect them to data manager .
    Should I use cat6 cables to connect them directly to my Network or make a connection between them (from inverter to inverter) then take single cat6 cable directly to my Network.

  5. Deji Ade
    Deji Ade says:

    How do I an add Energy meter to an existing system registered on EnnexOs. Kindly help out on protocols to follow.

  6. Aaron Schattl
    Aaron Schattl says:

    can anyone tell me what kind of power supply i have to find for the data manager m and the COM gateway

  7. Vasyl
    Vasyl says:

    Good day.
    I have a question: how to manage loads using SMA DATA MANAGER M?
    In particular, how to direct the “extra” solar energy from the photovoltaic system to the heating elements?
    Power – 9 kW
    Which controller for heaters is compatible with SMA DATA MANAGER M?

  8. Jake
    Jake says:

    Hi SMA
    We installed Data Manager one in our projects and we have concerned about connection of DATA M to third party energy meter. Our client have have their on Meter (Siemens PAC3100 with RS485 communication port) and we wanted it to connect to DATA Manager. Do we need convert the RS485 to TCP so the Data M can read? (Like this one Gateway Modbus TCP/UDP to Modbus RTU/ASCII) or
    Can you give us advice what device do we need to connect the Data manager to Siemens PAC3100?

    Thank you and looking forward for your response.

  9. Kukuh
    Kukuh says:

    Just installed an SMA Data Manager M, attempted to register thru Unfortunately never get success. When tried to save at Step # 4 always fail with comment ” An error has occurred”. An error has occurred while creating your system. Try again later.

    It happened all the time till today. Please advise how to solve the problem.

    Thank you

  10. Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith says:

    When will the sma data manager m have a port for direct RS 485 communication with the sunny island?

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