More Power? Easier Installation? Who Said you can’t improve the best?

The Sunny Boy TL-US line of inverters with Secure Power Supply is now more efficient and easier to install.

Starting this month, all Sunny Boy TL-US inverters with SPS will be shipped from SMA’s Denver-based production facility with two upgrades that make this family of inverters an even stronger solution for installers and more cost-effective for homeowners, especially those with partial shading.

Efficiency increases

All power classes of the Sunny Boy TL-US series with SPS now boast a CEC efficiency of at least 96.5 percent. Leading the way, with 97 percent CEC efficiency and 97.6 percent maximum efficiency are the Sunny Boy 3000TL-US and 5000TL-US models. Efficiency increases across the inverter series average one-half of a percent, achieved through an upgrade in semiconductors.

To most, one-half of a percent may seem insignificant. However, over the 25-year expected lifespan of these inverters, the gains in production add significantly to total power generation and help reduce system payback periods.

Global Peak OptiTrac enabled

OptiTrac Global Peak will be enabled with all new Sunny Boy TL-US inverters with SPS during manufacturing. Previously, this feature was turned off and required installers to make the parameter change during the installation and commissioning process, removing one step from the check list for busy, time-constrained install crews.

OptiTrac Global Peak is SMA’s shade mitigating maximum power point tracking feature that virtually eliminates the effects of partial shade on module strings. For systems that don’t experience partial shade during the day, this parameter setting will not need changing and it will not impact the inverter’s operation or production. However, should a neighbor’s tree grow during the life of the inverter or anything cause module shading down the road, the Sunny Boy TL-US with SPS will be ready to go.

  1. Neranjan Rathnyake
    Neranjan Rathnyake says:

    SPS system is an interesting feature. Has SMA considered on offering the feature for 230V 50Hz inverters as well? (for using outside USA)

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