Member Feedback Spurs Exciting Changes, SMA Advance Coming Soon!

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SMA America recently conducted an annual survey to all Sunny PRO Club members. The survey was geared to gain valuable insights into Sunny PRO Club members’ experiences, and we were overwhelmed by the amount of responses we received and the beneficial feedback we heard regarding club membership. 

More hands-on trainings at SMA America corporate headquarters in Rocklin, CA!

More hands-on trainings at SMA America corporate headquarters in Rocklin, CA!

We’ve taken your feedback to heart.

In reviewing the member survey results and taking a hard look at the function of the club, SMA America has decided to change the structure of the program. We believe these changes will allow us to better support the needs of our members and help you to be prepared to meet the demands of the evolving solar market.

The Sunny PRO Club (as we know it) will end as of July 31.

Instead, we are excited to introduce a new, FREE program called SMA Advance. We want to thank all of our Sunny PRO Club members for your continued support and feedback over the years. Your input has allowed us to continually refine our program in order to remain relevant and support the ever-changing demands of the market.

SMA Advance launches September 3!

SMA Advance, a FREE membership club, will retain many of the great benefits that you find valuable and eliminate the services that no longer meet your needs. Some exciting SMA Advance program highlights include:

>        Advanced News & Product Info

>        Hands-on Technical Training

>        SMA Product Literature

>        Exclusive Member Events

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