Keep the Lights On with the SMA Energy System

The only house with lights on in the neighborhood!

If a power outage or other emergencies like tornadoes or hurricanes hit your home, you can keep the refrigerator running and the lights on with backup power from by the SMA Energy System.

In Part I of this blog series, we provided details on how homeowners can maximize energy consumption with the SMA Energy System. In Part II, we elaborate on the options for protected loads and whole home backup power. 

Backup power provides critical aid to families living in regions susceptible to storms and natural disasters, places where the electrical grid is simply unreliable. However, not all backup power systems offer the same level of value and dependability.

How does backup power from the SMA Energy System work with my solar system?

In a standard solar installation, your home is connected to the public utility grid. While the grid is up your system can freely produce energy for your home’s use and additionally, it has the capacity of feeding energy back into the grid or charging your batteries. In case of a power blackout, the SMA Energy System will immediately disconnect from the grid and provide consistent and continuous backup power to your entire home.resistoragesol_whbackup

The SMA Energy System allows two options for backup power, depending on your family’s needs:

  • Achieve whole home backup for peace of mind during power outages
  • Back up protected loads to guarantee power is available to important devices

SMA is the global leader in solar technology and has more inverters installed worldwide than any other brand. We are also the only company with PV systems installed and operational for more than 20 years. With the SMA Energy System, you can rest assured your home’s energy infrastructure will remain intact in the event of the unforeseeable.

If you need peace of mind in the event of a power outage and if you want to have the flexibility to back up as much or as little as you need, then contact your installer and ask for an SMA Energy System.

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