Join SMA America and Solar Power World for a Large-Scale PV and Storage Webinar

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Large Scale PV and Storage

Would you like to learn how to simplify large-scale PV integration and drive down total cost of ownership while adding new revenue streams? Join us at 2:00 PM EST/11AM PST, February 24th for a webinar hosted by Solar Power World and SMA America.

This webinar will cover:

  • The trends driving continued growth in large-scale PV
  • New technology designed to speed integration
  • Opportunities for new revenue streams with storage

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The PV market has grown rapidly in the North American utility market. With this fast growth to operations, PV Plants are now bringing ample clean energy to the grid. Plus, investors are seeing financial success from this sector of the market. Join us to discuss how PV and storage technology selection is imperative for long term reliability and return on investment.

Featured Speakers:

Brad Dore
Director of Marketing, SMA America

Ravi Dodballapur,

Director, Application Engineering, SMA America

Chad Spring
Energy Storage Project Sales Account Manager, SMA America

Kelsey Misbrener

Senior Editor, Moderator, Solar Power World

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