Installers: Sunny Boy-US string sizing tool now available

Designing systems with the new Sunny Boy-US just got easier and faster courtesy of the Quick Design Reference Tool. Simply input basic module criteria along with a few key system details to determine string design and inverter selection recommendations in a simple, easy-to-use and printable format.

Utilizing basic module criteria found on data sheets and some key details such as design temperature, loading ratio preferences and the AC output voltage, the Quick Design Reference Tool will calculate the optimum number of strings and modules per string, as well as the ideal inverter loading ratio (DC:AC) and model of Sunny Boy-US. This customized assessment can be printed for customer presentations or as a reference during installation.

Simplify and speed design time – download the free Quick Design Reference Tool from the Sunny Boy-US product page today!

  1. Konrad
    Konrad says:

    My SWR 2500U is bust can I use the 3.8 US grid tie inverter to replace the SWR 2500U inverter? Konrad.

  2. Yousaf
    Yousaf says:

    I’ve had SMA 25000TL-30 installed for over a year now but recently I’ve been seeing this abnormal spike in the energy graph on the sunny portal for the past five days. I was wondering if there was anything wrong with the system?

  3. Teddy
    Teddy says:

    i am Teddy from Ghana,Africa. I am an electrical engineer and a renewable energy consultant but am new into the use of SMA product. Can i get any training in the web design etc. thanks

  4. Gary Koehler
    Gary Koehler says:

    I have a Sunnyboy 700U inverter I am unable to get your online string sizing for this inverter for it will not accept my email addresses. Tried several. I have KC 130 solar modules. Temp range is 32F to 105F. I have 10 modules I can put on the system. Need to know how many max I can put on the inverter.

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