How does the SMA Fuel Save Solution work?

Fuel Save Solution

The SMA Fuel Save Solution combines diesel and photovoltaics into a hybrid system, minimizing CO2 emissions and high fuel costs. If you’re interested in learning more, we’ve also posted a few articles on PV diesel hybrid systems, each describing PV diesel hybrid systems and what steps must be taken to install and manage such a system

This video explains how the system works. We hope you enjoy it.

  1. Dedet
    Dedet says:

    Is there any either research or report on negative effect of fluctuating diesel operation due to intermittent characteristic of on grid PV system? Does fluctuating operation of diesel engine will affect significantly on diesel engine life time? Regards.

  2. obinna obiajuru
    obinna obiajuru says:

    we consult for an estate developer who wishes to use alternative energy in providing uninterrupted power supply. we wish to recommend the PVGenset solution for them, kindly advice us what steps must be taken to install and manage such a system. looking forward to your response

    best Regard
    Obinna Obiajuru
    project co-coordinator

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