Have You Discovered SMA’s Plant-Wide O&M Services?

Matt Marxby Matt Marx (guest post), , 0 Comments

Trust your PV and storage portfolio to the most experienced leader, with more than 100+ GW installed worldwide.

SMA Service: Operations & Maintenance. Maximum power. Minimum risk.

With our world-class, plant-wide O&M services for commercial, utility and storage systems, SMA is uniquely positioned to help you achieve greater returns and ensure maximum system uptime. A properly maintained solar system can accelerate investment payback and increase energy production by up to 30 percent. Having a watchful and proactive eye on your investment is vital to ensuring maximum ROI.

We operate two NERC/CIP compliant Solar Monitoring Centers on two continents that utilize advanced technology to provide 24/7 remote monitoring, keeping a pulse on your PV investment. We also offer advanced aerial thermography performed and analyzed by FAA certified professionals covering more ground in less time.

So, when it’s time to turn your PV and storage plants over to a professional, make the right choice. Choose SMA.

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