Guatemala Retailer Explores the Power of Solar with Largest Installation in the Nation

Super Tienda MAX, the largest electronics retailer in Guatemala, has recently realized the benefits of solar. This grid-tied solar system, installed in June of 2012, is the largest of its kind in Guatemala. 

Tienda MAX commissioned Advanced Energy S.A. to install a 50 kW PV system to help offset high electricity costs. The average electric rate in Guatemala is $0.26 kWh, and Tienda MAX was consuming more than 16,000 kWh per month – bringing its average monthly bill to $4,160 per month.

The new system installed by Advanced Energy S.A. produces an average of 40 percent of the energy consumed, saving the store almost $20,000 per year! 

System Details

The 50 kW decentralized PV system consists of 252 Sanyo panels, six Sunny Boy 3000-US and nine Sunny Boy 4000-US inverters. Advanced Energy chose SMA Sunny Boy inverters because they allow flexibility, low maintenance and enhanced energy production.

“When choosing a configuration for this system we decided to use 15 Sunny Boys because they gave us flexibility on a roof with different angles. We can now maximize energy production by having different MPPT channels generating energy from east to west.” – Alberto Giron, CEO, Advanced  Energy S.A.

Guatemala: An Emerging Solar Market 

Guatemala, located in Central America, is an ideal location for the advancement of solar. Most of its residents reside in what is typically referred to as the “temperate zone.” In this zone temperatures rarely rise above 85°F and most nights are cool.

Plenty of available sunshine coupled with high electricity rates make solar technology a viable option for the future of renewable energy in Guatemala.


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