Grooming the Next Generation of Solar Professionals

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SMA has been hard at work recruiting a new group of engineering students to fill several internship positions for summer 2013. 

SMA’s competitive internship program is one-of-a-kind. It provides on-the-job training, allowing students to develop specialized skills that they can’t get in the classroom. SMA is proud to have a track record of hiring several interns over the past two years as full or part-time employees.

From Intern to SMA Employee

One of SMA’s talented employees, Angelica Ly, was hired as a full-time employee following her participation in the internship program:

“SMA’s internship program really allowed me to learn, but more importantly I felt fully engaged in my job. I had the opportunity to work on current SMA projects and felt a sense of responsibility for them. I felt valued and trusted with my work, and my contribution was considered just as important as any other employee’s would be. SMA’s internship program taught me so much, and I am glad to be a full-time employee today.” – Angelica Ly, Project Manager and former intern (summer 2012)

Lunar Onovakpuri spent his summer interning with SMA’s service team, where he still works today:

“My favorite part of the SMA internship was  the opportunity to participate in the Sunny Tower project around the U.S. SMA’s internship program is great because it allows interns to be part of the team and get hands-on experience in the solar industry.” – Lunar Onovakpuri, SMA Service Team and former intern (summer 2011)

Learning While Having Fun

While students are challenged on the job, they also have time to have some fun. Last summer SMA hosted an intern night at Raley Field where the entire team took in a River Cats game. Interns also enjoyed playing video games in the Solar Academy on a 154-inch big screen, and attending the SMA Summer Family Fun Fest BBQ.

At the end of their internships, students hold presentations for the management team, documenting what they learned during their time with SMA. This gives them a chance to sharpen their presentation skills and spend face-to-face time with SMA management.

This year’s students will start work in June. We look forward to having them join us!

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