Get Premium Access to SMA Service Line Experts as a PowerUP Member!

In this blog post series, we have summarized some of the perks of being an SMA PowerUP Trusted Solar Energy Partner. In Part I, we talked about special sales and pricing benefits. Then in Part II we provided details on exclusive training and installation assistance.  In Part III, we elaborate on how PowerUP members benefit from SMA’s best in class, award-winning service support.

SMA’s new PowerUP    Trusted    Solar    Energy    Dealer    program was designed for companies like yours and it leverages insider benefits,  special  pricing,  exclusive  training,  premium  support, and the  power  of  the  SMA  brand to  help your business take the next step.

PowerUP Partners benefit from SMA Priority Service Support, an exclusive consideration for our members that provides an elevated service experience. We know that moving from one inverter solution to another can create questions from field installation crews and we expect as you ramp up your familiarity with SMA, you will need extra care via our service organization. PowerUP members get priority call support during this crucial onboarding period, which means you will spend more time on new installations and less time on troubleshooting.

PowerUP dealers gain access to numerous advantages that can increase your profitability, flexibility, and take your business to the next level. Count on SMA for professional, comprehensive service support that will help you ensure that your customers are getting the most out of their PV systems!

Stay tuned for Part IV of this series, where we will talk about all the unique marketing opportunities that you will enjoy as a member.

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    Thanh Tuan says:

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