From the Dusty Desert to the Rainy Hills – OptiCool: The Climate Expert

OptiCool: Intelligent Temperature Management System

As solar use increases throughout the world, inverters are increasingly exposed to every type of climate.

From torrential rains to arid deserts, extreme climate conditions around the world place high demands on solar technology, including dramatic temperature changes. But while ambient temperatures may fluctuate, it is imperative that the temperature within an inverter remain within an optimal range. Drastic fluctuations can cause premature wear on the sensitive electronic components of a central inverter.

SMA Solar Technology, the world leader in solar inverter solutions, understands the importance of temperature management. That’s why we’ve developed OptiCool, an intelligent temperature management system that helps maximize the life of the inverter by constantly monitoring and adjusting the internal temperature.

Watch this short video to learn how the Sunny Central with integrated OptiCool system works.

Download “PV Inverter Performance in Desert Like Locations” from our Resource Center 


  1. Michael Williams
    Michael Williams says:

    Th opticool video keeps referring to its ability to keep the inverter and its components at optimal temeperature. What is the optimal temperature for the unit. It also refers to nominal valued, the 2200 inverter has ratings for 25, 40 and 50 C which is nominal?

    Internal sensors are located where and how is this information used as feedback to control the overall cooling of the unit?

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