Fox News: U.S. Army Saves Energy and Lives with Mobile Solar Power

The U.S. Army is investing heavily in solar power technology, with an estimated one gigawatt (GW) of renewables scheduled to deploy by 2025. The move towards renewable energy is aimed not only to save energy and reduce spending but to save lives.

One of the most dangerous jobs in the U.S. Army is protecting fuel convoys as they deliver diesel fuel to remote locations. The US Army has experienced one casualty for every 24 missions in some years – according to a recent Bloomberg article, Exploding Fuel Tankers Driving US Army to Solar Power.

Investing in SunDial SmartPower’s mobile PV solution has allowed the U.S. Army to reduce its dependency on diesel generators. The unique mobile solar solution from SunDial comprises PV modules, SMA inverters, batteries and a diesel generator.  Just one mobile PV system from SunDial can save up to 90,000 gallons of fuel and reduce fuel consumption by 65 percent.

Watch the short video for the full interview with founder and president of SunDial SmartPower, Daniel Rice.

Click here to read SMA’s interview with Daniel Rice, founder and president of SunDial, to discuss how his technology is making a difference.

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