Differentiate your Business with Help from SMA

How can you better stand out amongst your competitors while maintaining a lean operation? In this SMA PowerUP Trusted Solar Energy Partner blog post series, we have talked about the perks of being a member including: special sales and pricing benefits, exclusive training and installation assistance, as well as priority service support. But there’s more! As a PowerUP member you get exclusive resources that will boost your marketing reach and help you reach customers more effectively.

SMA has established itself as an industry leader and, as a PowerUP partner, you have the unique opportunity to take advantage of our brand positioning to elevate your game.

24/7 Virtual Support

The PowerUP Portal is your home for all PowerUP resources. Our program’s benefits give members the tools they need to win new business. All the information you need is accessible in one place and designed just for you.

Print on Demand

Need SMA promotional materials to increase your sales? As a PowerUP member getting these tools is easier than ever! Just visit our online portal, browse through product specific marketing collateral and access print-ready files. Then, contact your preferred provider to print the brochures, data sheets and informational one-pagers. This guarantees that you will be ready with everything you need when meeting customers, attending events and growing your pipeline. From brochures to homeowner-facing materials, the tools you need are at your fingertips.

Direct Consultation

If promoting your business is not one of your strengths, you have no need to worry. As an SMA PowerUP dealer you will not only have professionally designed materials from SMA, but you’ll be able to count on SMA’s marketing team for direct consultation on how to use them in the most effective way. If you are a member with 10+MW, then you’ll be able to work with our team of experts on revenue generating activities that will boost your positioning in the market.

Trusted Partner Listing 

PowerUP Search Engine ScreenshotAs a PowerUP member we make it easy for your potential clients to find you. Increase your visibility and win new customers by listing your company in our SMA Trusted Partner search engine. Users enter their zip code and find our SMA PowerUP Partners listed in their area. This targeted search delivers a great option for you to engage with new customers and generate revenue.

Co-op Marketing Funds

As PowerUP members purchase SMA products, they earn co-op marketing dollars that they can use towards co-branded marketing materials, lead-generation events and other marketing activities. This is a great way to grow your business by making your current SMA sales generate more sales!

Social Media Support

Highlighting your projects on our Solar Spotlight blog posts or receiving shout outs on our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter channels are just some of the ways that SMA helps you promote your company on social media. This provides an amazing opportunity to keep your business top of mind for your consumers!

Marketing plays a significant role in the performance of a solar business. Attract more leads. Close more sales. Better engage with customers. Visit our PowerUP site and become a PowerUP partner today!

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