Convenience Without Compromise: SMA Unveils Utility Power Rack

Flexible, turnkey, convenient. SMA’s new Utility Power Rack 5000/5500 is all this and more.

We are thrilled to introduce this highly integrated, turnkey solution, which offers up to 40% cost savings over field-integrated, kitted solutions. The Utility Power Rack is completely pre-assembled for easy set up and commissioning, reducing time-consuming labor processes in the field.

This solution delivers convenience without compromise.

Compatible with both Sunny Central and Sunny Central Storage 2500-EV(-US) and 2750-EV(-US) inverters, the Utility Power Rack is an excellent choice for PV plants using SMA technology. It offers true 1,500 V technology, which means more reliable stack design and long-term, trouble free operation.

Even better, with the Utility Power Rack, plant owners and operators realize reduced risk for their PV plant investments. The design is based on more than 10 GW of field-proven Sunny Central inverters in North America, and is backed by more than 35 years and 65 GW of proven global experience.

Offering unmatched convenience and flexibility, the Utility Power Rack can be used with multiple storage options from SMA, providing a standardized process for integrators who are working on both PV and storage projects. It also includes a multitude of configurable options to meet the needs of any plant.

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