Compact MV Power Platform: A Turnkey Solution for Utility-Scale PV

John Megna, Director, Business Development by John Megna, Director, Business Development (guest post), , 3 Comments
Compact MV Power Platform: A Turnkey Solution for Utility-Scale PV

The Compact Medium-Voltage Power Platform is a turnkey power conversion solution with pre-engineered options to meet any project’s needs. Designed for optimal energy production, high reliability and maximum return on investment, the Compact MV Power Platform is redefining the utility-scale PV industry!

Backed by SMA’s top-ranked service team and its robust Solar Asset Management program, your investment is secure and your risks are minimized. SMA also provides operations and maintenance services post-commissioning, securing the long-term viability and profitability of the plant.

Want to learn more? Watch this short video to learn about the Compact MV Power Platform.

  1. Mohammad Maqsood Shahab
    Mohammad Maqsood Shahab says:

    that’s great achievement in PV Module for Utility Scale PV .It should be encouraged more to get its vast Implementation , Installation and Distribution worldwide. It should be introduced in the Market of South East Asia as well as there is cute shortage of Electricity.
    This would be a Great Milestone ,step forward to utilize latest development in PV generated electricity to over come the future dependency on Costly mode of Electricity Generation for Small Industrial and Residential Purposes.

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