Cedars-Sinai Hospital to the Stars Gets Power from the Sun

Cedars-Sinai, otherwise known as “Hollywood’s Hospital,” has been made famous for treating some of Hollywood’s most elite celebrities including Patrick Swayze, Frank Sinatra and Madonna. Cedars-Sinai is located in Los Angeles, California, and is a non-profit hospital and research institute that offers top-notch medical care to patients from around the globe. 

LEED Gold Certification for Green Building

Cedars-Sinai recently finished construction of an 820,000 square foot eco-friendly Advanced Health Services Pavilion. The new pavilion is designed to meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s Gold LEED Certification, and was constructed by Greycor.

To help achieve the rigorous gold status Greycor commissioned a 285 kW PV system from Stellar Solar. Stellar Solar is a residential and commercial PV solar design and installation company based in sunny San Diego, California.

System Details 

The PV system includes 1,190 SunTech Pluto solar panels, one Sunny Boy 6000-US inverter, two Sunny Boy 5000-US inverters and 27 Sunny Boy 8000-US inverters. To make the best use of limited space, Stellar Solar designed a custom racking system to mount the 30 Sunny Boy inverters on the rooftop of Parking Lot 4 adjacent to the pavilion.

“Cedars-Sinai wanted inverter redundancy built into the design. The best option for this installation was to use 30 SMA Sunny Boy inverters rather than a central inverter. I choose SMA because it manufactures the most reliable products on the market and provides the best customer service for future needs.” – Kent Harle, President, Stellar Solar

Additional features of this green hospital include doubled glass walls for energy savings and automated building control systems which continuously regulates the building’s energy use. So the next time a Hollywood A-lister checks into this state-of-the-art hospital, they can appreciate the fact that the hospital is not only treating its patients well, but also the planet.


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  1. Omar Sharif
    Omar Sharif says:

    My family runs a small hospital compared to Cedars-Sinai, ours is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Its outsiide urban area, and caters to rural population.
    Have installed 3.2KW PV panels, and 2 small inverters of 4KVA each. Its just enough for partial lights and fans of the hospital.
    Due to acute power shortage in Pakistan we have about 14 to 18 hours of power shut-downs everyday.
    If SMA wishes it can check out through any of its dealer / agent about my above mentioned statement.
    Will be obliged if SMA and some PV manufacturer could provide us some more PV panels, batteries and inverters for our hospital.

    Sharif Hospital, Burki Road, Village Bhangali, Lahore Cantt, Pakistan

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