6 MW Commercial Projects Featured in Solar Industry Magazine

Pickett Solar recently installed more than 200 SMA Sunny Tripowers as part of two major agribusiness commercial projects totaling nearly 6 MW near Fresno, California.

A 2.49 MW project for Bee Sweet Citrus, which packs and ships citrus, used 87 SMA inverters. Another 3.25 MW project for the National Raisin Company, the largest independent dried fruit packer in the world, utilized 121 SMA inverters.

“SMA has a proven track record and their customer service is second to none,” said Mike Pickett, President of Pickett Solar.

The Bee Sweet Citrus installation is expected to produce 3,442 MWh of electricity annually, and the National Raisin Company installation is expected to produce 5,523 MWh of electricity annually.

We are proud to be selected by Pickett Solar for these projects. You can learn more about them in this Solar Industry article, and check out the great photos below.



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