How solar power professionals can benefit from the new SMA 360° app

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Professional support for solar power professionals in the fields of planning, operation and service. With the new SMA 360° app, solar power professionals will always have their digital universal tool at the ready.

With the SMA 360° app, solar power professionals are just a few clicks away from drawing up a professional quotation. In the twinkling of an eye, a cross-sector plan of the specific energy system, including an efficiency calculation, will land in the customer’s inbox. The SMA 360° app provides informative decision-making aids, as well as service with added value for solar power professionals and their customers. It couldn’t be easier.

1. Planning and selling PV systems at your convenience

In planning, solar power professionals can save their customer data digitally and customize a PV system directly on-site. In the very first customer meeting, they can provide detailed insight and visual simulations regarding solar power. The hot topics of storage facilities and electric vehicles can be integrated as well from the very start. This can be an important decision-making aid compared with offers made by competitors. Solar power professionals can simply send quotations to their customers by email so that they can check everything again in peace and quiet.

If a customer then places an order in response to the quotation, all the data for the detailed system planning can easily be transferred to the free SMA Sunny Design planning tool.

2. Commissioning a PV system quickly

Operation offers solar power professionals step-by-step assistance during installation and commissioning. They can then introduce inverters to the utility grid quickly and easily by means of a QR code scan.

3. Having system data at the ready at all times

For the purpose of automatic monitoring, solar power professionals can register the system via the app in the Sunny Portal monitoring portal. They thus have access to all the relevant energy and power data about their customers’ systems and are informed of important events directly. In the event of an error, the 360° app provides support in the form of detailed descriptions and easy-to-follow repair instructions so that a particularly efficient service can be offered.

4. Added value through good service

Service provides solar power professionals with up-to-date error analyses, step-by-step repair instructions as well as all relevant documents for the device in question. People who receive important information in advance can save the cost of several trips to customers and accelerate the on-site work. You can access the inverter’s live data immediately by means of a QR code scan. Thanks to the graphic display, you can replace individual assemblies quickly and without making mistakes.


Thanks to the SMA 360° app, solar power professionals can optimize their sales meetings and provide a more efficient service on the system. This helps solar power professionals make a big professional impression on their customers.

Info: the login details for the app are the same as for the Sunny Portal.


SMA 360° app tutorial: Comprehensive service for PV solar power professionals


Download the SMA 360° app now and give it a try.

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Do you have any questions about SMA 360 app? If so, please feel free to write them in the comments section. I will collect your questions and comments and answer them in the SMA expert chat.


  1. Daniel Modisette
    Daniel Modisette says:

    Efficient Energy designs and installs Solar PV in So and Central CA and predominately use SMA Inverters.

    I have a residential client who has had substantial difficulty with his cell phone SunnyPortal communication but not with productivity to the Utility.

    Would SMA’s 360 help?

  2. Matias Irigoyen
    Matias Irigoyen says:

    Where can I check the countries in which the app is available? When is it going to be worldwide? Thanks!

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