Service Tip: SMA PUK – How to Regain Access to Your System Data

SMA Service tip PUK

As promised in our previous post, we will be covering the SMA PUK (Personal Unlocking Key) in today’s service tip. We explain how your devices can be unlocked to restore normal access to your system data.


Before we get started, take a moment to make sure that you have really lost your password

Before anything else, you should check to make sure that you really can’t find the password for accessing your systems in the Sunny Portal. In a previous article called “Service Tip: Pay Attention When Assigning Passwords in the Sunny Portal,” we mentioned a number of circumstances that could result in your password being changed or overwritten.

If you’re sure you have lost your password, use this form to request a PUK from our Service Line. The PUK code does not come with your inverter.


How it works

Once your request has been received and processed by our staff, you will be able to unlock your inverter and set a new password via Sunny Explorer.


Exception: PV systems with Webconnect

In this case, contact our Service Line staff by phone to avoid permanent data loss.


Entering your PUK in Sunny Explorer

1. Open Sunny Explorer.

2. In the “User group” field, select the “Installer” user group.

3. Enter your PUK into the “System password” field.

4. Select [Next].
☑ Sunny Explorer displays the inverters in the plant tree without padlock icon.

5. Change the inverter password:
– Select the inverter in the system tree.
– Select the “Settings” tab.
– Select the parameter group “User Rights > Access Control”.
– Select [Edit].
– Assign the password you want to the relevant user group.

6. To unlock additional inverters with a PUK:
– Select Options > “Change user group.”

7. Unlocking additional devices one after another with a PUK:
You will need to wait about five minutes between each device, since the passwords need to be sent to the system first.
After waiting five minutes, simply repeat the steps in step 5 in order to unlock the next device.

8. Final step: Set a general system password. This system password will be set as the installer password on all the individual devices and will guarantee access to the entire system so that all modules can be accessed at the same time.


Screenshots showing an overview of these steps





For more information on how to use Sunny Explorer, please refer to the User Manual: SUNNY EXPLORER System Monitoring.

We hope this post will make it easier for you to complete the steps required in order to unlock devices with your PUK. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to add a comment or contact our Service Line staff.


  1. Anil Garg
    Anil Garg says:

    I have a SMA Storage inverter for which I have forgotten the password. Is there a way to factory reset / reset cmos so that I can commission it as an installer? I do not mind paying the Euro 15 (or whatever reasonable) for gaining a Installer password. I am also interested in adding a PV to this SMA (ABU+Storage+BYD) system so that it can be charged using solar energy instead of the local grid. Please help.

    • Christiane Keim
      Christiane Keim says:

      Hello Anil,

      Please get back to our SMA Service for further support.
      In order to prepare your contact the best way possible, you will find more information here.
      Thanks for your support.

      Sunny regards

  2. Jeffrey Anderson
    Jeffrey Anderson says:

    I’m trying to connect my Sunny Boy 7.7 back to my WiFi and have forgotten the Installer password and need to request a PUK. the form has a filed for VAT Nr* and i’m not sure what to enter.

  3. Gregory Eliovson
    Gregory Eliovson says:

    I bought a home with solar panels and a Sunny Boy inverter installed. I’ve done some reading and it looks like the manufacturing date of the inverter is pre-WebConnect.
    The Australian authorised seller advised me I need a a laptop to connect to the inverter. I’ve got Macs at home, no windows machines. Is there a plan to release SMA Sunny Explorer software for Macs?

    Eager to get a handle on how best to manage my power at home.


    • SMA Solar
      SMA Solar says:

      Hello Gregory,

      unfortunately we don’t have any information regarding a MacOS compatible software at present.

      Sunny regards!

  4. Henry Tumwesige
    Henry Tumwesige says:

    Nine of 20 tripower devices were blocked by the ennesOS data manager.
    I’ve just received 9 PUK numbers for my STP2500TL-30 devices. kindly advise on how to proceed so that I have all the devices’ data integrated into my SCADA system.
    Thank you.

  5. Joe McNeal
    Joe McNeal says:

    I bought a used system, a Sunnyboy 3000TL-US-22, and (10) 260 watt panels. I know it is old but I hooked it up and the system works great. My electric bill got cut more then half. I really don’t care what the inverter is doing as long it is saving me money but I’m curious. Is a second owner allowed to have a password to see all the wonder data? I’m already in love with my SMA, make me fall more in love with it.

  6. Richard Stover
    Richard Stover says:

    I set the passwords on initial installation of my Sunny Boy 5.0. Both user and installer passwords worked on the first day. On later days the installer password does not work. I see many complaints about passwords not working and the answer is always the same…’get a PUK’. What seems really inappropriate is that it costs more than $20 USD to get a PUK. I haven’t changed the installer password yet it does not work now, and I have to pay to get a work-around for this bug.

    • Christiane Keim
      Christiane Keim says:

      Hello Richard,

      Please apologize the delay in getting back to you.
      In order to support you here regarding the password settings, we need some more technical data.
      Our SMA Service Team will support you here. Please contact them via our SMA Online Service Center, delivering some more details on your plant.
      Thanks for your support.

      Sunny regards

  7. Nicholas Ormerod
    Nicholas Ormerod says:

    Tripower 10.0 just commissioned today and some how the installer has set a user password which has removed the ability for me to set a password on the first login instance.
    Can the user password be changed/reset by the installer with he’s login.

  8. Kaushal
    Kaushal says:


    I need to change the Internet information on the inverter, How can I do that? Also what is the default password for Tripower 10.0? It is not accepting any passwords !!!.

    • Christiane Keim
      Christiane Keim says:

      Hello Kaushal,

      The easiest way to change the network settings is the use of the installation wizard (see chapter 8.5 onwards in the operating instructions).
      The SMA Sunny Tripower 10.0 has no standard password. It needs to be set the first time the unit is accessed.
      If the password is not known, a PUK must be requested.

      Sunny regards

  9. Harin
    Harin says:

    Hello SMA Admin,

    I have a problem “Communication to the device failed. Incorrect user password. Data will be imported as soon as the device is available. Error code 721”

    I need a PUK to reset the password for my PV Plant.

    Serial Number
    STP25000TL-30 SN.1901360612


  10. Halim
    Halim says:

    I’ am Halim from Malaysia, regarding about Inverter Sunny Boy model SB4.0-1AV-40. The issue customer cant login the Devices for monitoring system. Cause before this someone from installer already register, but he forget the id and password. So how can i get the PUK number. Please help me.


  11. Matt Mathieson
    Matt Mathieson says:

    Hello from sunny Mexico. I have lost my user password and my installer does not have their password so I believe I need a PUK. Can you please let me know how I can obtain this. Thanks!

  12. saif
    saif says:

    Solar generation and all current data are not coming in sunny portal website, means system is not updating online data. Internet is working fine connected to cluster controller but its not updating. please resolve the issue

  13. Chanaka
    Chanaka says:

    We install 2 units of sunny boy 3.0 inveters in to one system. Somehow our technician entered installer password incorrectly and password field get locked. It says wait 15 minutes. But after two days, still password field is locked.

      • Maurice Barigye
        Maurice Barigye says:

        Hello, SMA
        do you still use this mail address to receive PUK requests? I sent in a request for 09 PUKs but no response has been received!!

      • Christiane Keim
        Christiane Keim says:

        Hello Maurice,

        You can order your PUK-code with this form.
        The mail adress mentionned is still the right one to contact.

        Sunny regards

  14. Radek Vosahlik
    Radek Vosahlik says:

    I sent you a request for a puck, you sent me an invoice that I paid 14.1.2019 and I still did not get a puck from you …?

  15. Richard Hardill
    Richard Hardill says:

    I tried to get help from your online service team but I had problems with the form that i filled in which doesn’t accept my address in any form that I try.

  16. Richard Hardill
    Richard Hardill says:

    Do i need to do ‘Step 8’ of your instructions for ‘Entering your PUK in Sunny Explorer’ if I am only changing the password for one inverter. (I am a homeowner/user, not an installer). Thanks

  17. gilberto lopez pelaez
    gilberto lopez pelaez says:

    olvide la contraseña de instalador, como le hago para recuperar la constraseña con el codigo PUK

  18. Noël Caballé
    Noël Caballé says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I would like to request a PUK for my new Sunny Boy 5.0 Inverter. Could you please address me to the form I must fill to ask for it as well as the steps I should know to proceed accordingly?. Thanks in advance.

  19. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    The PUK link form said”Not Found
    The requested URL /dl/22720/PUK-ANTRAG-ZEN151318.pdf was not found on this server.” any other way around it?

    • Anna Homberger
      Anna Homberger says:

      Hi Thomas,
      Thanks for your comment, we have updated the link. Here you can find the application for the creation of a PUK.
      Sunny regards, Anna

      • Christiane Keim
        Christiane Keim says:

        Hello Peter,

        The link will not work any longer in the moment the document has been updated (as you have seen).
        For that, please check our download-area for the latest form to order your PUK.

        Thanks for your understanding.

        Sunny regards

  20. layachi zaghba
    layachi zaghba says:

    it is possible to recorded data of current and voltage using sunny explorer or an other software from SAM SUNNY BOY INVERTER 3000 HF

    • Rhea Terlinden
      Rhea Terlinden says:

      Dear Layachi,

      Unfortunately it is not possible to record data of current and voltage using Sunny Explorer. This was possible with the Sunny Webbox but this unit has been
      discontinued already.

      Kind regards,


      • Sunnyboy from VietNam
        Sunnyboy from VietNam says:

        Dear support team,
        I am from VietNam and I have an old sunnyboy 3.0. I bought it from a friend, he did not give me any password to access this device. How can I reset password for Installer field to set up it? (It said i need a PUK).

      • Carolyn Schlosser
        Carolyn Schlosser says:


        Please contact our Service Team, because you need a PUK code to reset your passwort.

        Sunny regards,

  21. nelson
    nelson says:

    Hello, I have a connection problem with a sunny boy 2.5 inverter, using the installer password.
    I need a puk password to unblock, how may i take this number?
    Thank you very much,
    Nelson Felix

    • Jennifer Rößler
      Jennifer Rößler says:

      Hello Nelson,
      with the PUK you can set a new password for your inverter, if you forgort the original one. The Sunny Portal uses the password only to access the devices.
      If you need more information or help, please contact our Service Line by selecting your country from the list. Our colleagues will be glad to assist you further.
      Kind regards, Jennifer

  22. Julio Greca
    Julio Greca says:

    I have 1.5 sunny boy inverter. I cannot connect to computer. Passwords do not work. I think I made an error setting up the password. How do I get A PUK? I live in Brazil.

    • Carolin Rost
      Carolin Rost says:

      Hello Julio,
      Inverter typ Sunny Boy 1.5 don`t have any Password set defaultly. There`s 2 options to get in touch with inverters Web-UI:
      1. WiFi => double knock at inverters chassis and its blue led starts blinking frequently for two minutes.
      When pressing a WPS-Button on your Smartphone-/Tablet or even your WiFi-Router, devices are gonna coupling automatically.
      If there`s no WPS function as at iOS-Devices, you just need to select this WiFi and will be asked for it`s WPA2-Key => please have a look at inverters label.
      Once coupled (green tick), please open an internet browser and put in inverters IP-Address there. Inverters Web-UI is just opening => at this time you`ll be asked wether logging in on User – or Installer level as well and a free password must be created by the person who`s entering the Web Interface.
      2. Speedwire-/Ethernet => connect your Laptop via Ethernet-Cable to the inverter, open an internet browser and put in inverters Fallback- Ip for Ethernet-Connection (as per manual).
      Inverters Web-UI is just opening => at this time you`ll be asked wether logging in on User – or Installer level as well and a free password must be created by the person who`s entering the Web Interface.

      In case you`ve done as described, but can`t remember the password given previously, please do apply for a so called PUK in order to get your unknown password resetted.
      Kind regards, Carolin

  23. Indika
    Indika says:

    One of our technicians set up the installer password and he confirmed the password he entered is true. But the next login after creating the installer password he couldnt log in. Now I can not even set up the sunny portal account as sunny portal asks installer password. I requested PUK from India. The PUK send by them also not working. As a company we struggle because of this really bad. The customer is holding his last payment because of this. Please help.

    • Jennifer Rößler
      Jennifer Rößler says:

      Hello Indika,
      please contact our Service again, as you apparently already did. Our colleagues can asisst you and solve this.
      Kind regards, Jennifer

  24. Gordon Geritz
    Gordon Geritz says:

    I have 1.5/2.5 sunny boy inverter. I cannot coonect to computer. Passwords do not work. I think I made an error setting up the password. How do I get A PUK? I live in Queensland, Australia.

    • Carolin Rost
      Carolin Rost says:

      Hello Gordon,
      Please contact our Service Line in Australia. The number is 1800 762 287 (toll free for Australia) or +61 2 9491 4200. You can also send an email to The colleagues in our subsidiary in Australia will help you.
      Kind regards, Carolin

  25. Alastair Wilson
    Alastair Wilson says:

    Hi, I’m pretty certain I am using the correct passwords but I am unable to access my SB 3600TL-21 to retrieve and data in Sunny Explorer. I am using the integrated bluetooth in my Dell Inspiron laptop and it says that it has a good connection. Thanks

    • Viktoria Mai
      Viktoria Mai says:

      Hello Alstair,

      please turn to our service line, which will help you specifically. On this page you will find the right number (at the bottom of the page) for your country.

      Kind regards,

  26. Ardhos
    Ardhos says:

    Dear SMA,
    How to read the inverter in cluster controller if every device show in display is lock?


  27. Stuart Leggat
    Stuart Leggat says:

    I am just off the phone to one of your technical team who advised me to request PUK codes as we cannot access data for one of the inverters on Sunny Portal and it looks like a password issue. He suggested we would require a code for each of the inverters.

    Site Address Park Farm

    Serial Numbers

    STP 20000 TL 30 1900719065
    STP 25000 TL 30 1900718317

    Can you please assist


    Stuart Leggat
    EH6 7BD

    • Julia Stunz
      Julia Stunz says:

      Hello Stuart,
      I will send you a document via email, that you have to fill in and send back to SMA UK (


  28. Mahmoud
    Mahmoud says:

    Don’t buy this product, no way, I bought sunny boy 1,5/2,5 and configured by Veissmann company, do you know what! I’m just user and I can’t change any configuration as user but I see what how much I got and saved money, and do you know what! The data what I am getting it monthly is not correct 100% and if you want to change your Wifi password the system will not read it so the SMA Solar company not give the authorities to configure your inverter as Installer but user because you didn’t got course and training in them branches so you have inverter but you guest in it as user and they control it by them branches and if you want to change the password for configuration as you forgot it, hhhhaaaaa they will ask for PUK number and for sure they have it ? and you will pay € 15 Basic + € 3.50 per device, and do you know what! They will send you PUK number as user ? guys think twice before you will stuck like me what will save it by solar panels will give it for service??

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