Sunny Tripower lineup growing to include 30000TL-US model

The Sunny Tripower TL-US series is adding a 30 kilowatt model to its line of proven three-phase string inverters.  This latest cost-optimized solution continues to strengthen SMA’s commercial product portfolio. The Sunny Tripower 30000TL-US is an ideal choice for decentralized PV systems of all scales.

The Sunny Tripower inverter line—which includes the 12, 15, 20 and 24 kW models—features unmatched design flexibility, high efficiency and enhanced safety. Additionally, its innovative monitoring and communications features allow for remote configuration, diagnostics and performance monitoring, all backed by SMA’s first-ranked technical support and optional plant-wide O&M services.

More power, same package

The Sunny Tripower 30000TL-US inverter and its product line continue to offer peak efficiencies of more than 98 percent and SMA’s proprietary OptiTrac™ Global Peak maximum power point (MPP) tracking algorithm to further maximize energy production and minimize the effects of shade.

Dual independent MPP trackers feeding an eight-string, four-per-channel combiner and DC connection unit, and myriad mounting configurations from vertical to 15 degrees continue the optimal system design flexibility of its predecessors. It can also be mounted on the SMA ReadyRack™- a fully integrated, preassembled and prewired roof-mount racking solution—for rapid deployment and compliance with the 2014 NEC rapid shutdown requirement.

The Sunny Tripower family enhances safety and reliability with advanced features like its integrated all-pole ground fault protection, integrated AFCI, granular monitoring on each independent MPP channel, and a reverse polarity detector.

The Sunny Tripower delivers advanced smart inverter features including active power curtailment; adjustable power factor and reactive power supply including Q at Night for nighttime reactive power controlls; frequency and voltage ride-through; and soft-start reconnection ramp controls. These features ensure the Sunny Tripower is prepared to meet emerging interconnection requirements such as the recent revisions to California’s Rule 21 and HECO’s transient over-voltage and ride-through requirements.

Available today

While the Sunny Tripower 30000TL-US is only applicable for 1,000 V DC systems, the rest of the inverter line (the 12000TL-US, 15000TL-US, 20000TL-US and 24000TL-US) are suitable for both 600 VDC and 1,000 VDC applications.

The Sunny Tripower TL-US is available through SMA’s North American distribution network. To locate an SMA Authorized Distributor, visit our Where to Buy page to learn more about each distribution partner.

  1. Mark Steinberg
    Mark Steinberg says:

    Hi, I am looking for an inverter to pose an 11kw 3 ph motor. I am starting the motor with a VSD so inrush current at startup is not an issue, 18 kva continuous power would more than suffice. The inverter will have a 48v battery and generator to supply it. No solar panels, grid or wind. I will need to keep my batteries charged but that’s secondary to powering the motor. Is there an SMA inverter that might work for me?
    Thank you

  2. Giancarlos Cabrales
    Giancarlos Cabrales says:

    Can you tell me if the sunny tri-power 30000tl-us can work in a residencial system who has a power consuption of this size, as the residencial system has voltage phase neutro 110v and phase to phase 220v. I will apreciatte your answer.

  3. Jack Ostronic
    Jack Ostronic says:

    Dou you have classes or documentation on how to read the inverters? Also at what point in time can a customer extend the warranty on the SMA inverter?

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