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SMA Commercial PV System - View from top

Don’t get left behind when mandatory compliance of California Rule 21 Phase 2 and 3 goes into effect on March 22, 2020.

The SMA Sunny Boy, Sunny Boy Storage and Sunny Tripower CORE1 are the first, and currently only, inverters listed as compliant with the new CA Rule 21 requirements, which become mandatory on March 22. These requirements are designed to give utilities a greater degree of monitoring and control over distributed renewable energy systems. As the number of utility-interconnected power generation systems come online, there becomes a greater need to ensure grid control and stability. CA Rule 21 is designed to smooth the transition by mandating more sophisticated smart inverter functionality. SMA inverters have stepped up to that challenge.

In addition to expanded grid management functions, CA Rule 21 paves the way for new revenue streams using Virtual Power Plant (VPP) technology. A VPP is a network of distributed energy sources that are aggregated into a single cloud-based point of control at the utility. In order to fully capitalize on VPP opportunities, inverter manufacturers must keep pace with evolving grid requirements including those of CA Rule 21.

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