Don’t be Fooled by Flashy Claims: Why Quality Counts

With every PV project comes dozens of choices, each making a difference in the overall outcome of your installation. When it comes to which solar inverter you should choose for your PV system, the decision is critical, and there are many factors to consider, for example:

>          How long has the company been in business?

>          Does the PV inverter manufacturer offer a tried and true product?

>          Will the company stand behind its product warranty?

>          What is the quality of the internal components used inside the inverter?

The quality of each inverter matters because it will affect the quality of your entire investment and the performance of your solar installation overall.

SMA understands the significance of every inverter purchase, and you can have confidence that each SMA solution is produced using the best components with care and quality in mind. We have processes in place to ensure our inverters exceed the highest standards and will deliver the best possible performance.

Have you ever wondered what our quality processes look like? Click here to download a detailed document that will answer all of these questions and show how SMA delivers quality that you can count on.

Why does quality matter to you? Leave us a comment on our blog, we are always looking for new feedback! 

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