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Women at SMA: meet Danielle

One of the fastest growing job markets, working in the renewables industry is good for you and the planet. Increasingly, people are turning to a career in solar energy at various stages of their professional lives. But is everyone suited to solar?

We speak to Danielle Budd, SMA UK’s Logistics Coordinator. Danielle joined SMA at the beginning of her career in solar energy – now after three years with SMA, find out how she finds working in the renewables sector and what she’s learning from the team.


How did you come to work in the renewables industry?

After six years of working in an entirely different industry, I stumbled across a role with SMA during my job search. It was only once I started researching the industry that I realized just how inspiring, challenging and potentially rewarding a career in the solar industry could be.

I started as a Service Administrator but even then, I really had no idea how much would be involved in the role. It has been a steep learning curve and I’m still learning!

I intend to develop more in-depth technical industry knowledge so that I expand my career options. As SMA is in so many locations, there may even be a chance to relocate.  The solar industry offers so many diverse job opportunities. I’m excited about what the future may hold!


How do you find working at SMA?

The people really do make SMA a great place to work. Everyone is clear on what we stand for and passionate about what they do – it’s infectious. With such a high level of morale it’s hard not to find your job fulfilling.

I also like speaking with my SMA colleagues in different countries – it gives a sense of being part of the bigger picture.


What does success mean to you?

I’m happiest when I know I’ve put my all into something. Success without tenacity isn’t as rewarding.

Be it resolving an issue for a customer and retaining a good rapport or setting up the perfect photograph (I dabble in amateur photography in my spare time!), it’s very satisfying to know that I’ve pushed and worked hard for the results I’ve achieved.

The feeling you get when you come to the end of a long, complex project can’t be matched. It’s great to know that there’s a happy customer at the end of each project that is delivered quickly and smoothly.


What has been the most challenging part of your role so far?

The recent supply chain disruptions have been a sharp learning curve for everyone involved and have understandably caused frustrations for our customers. My role requires me to ensure we have the stock we need and to liaise directly with customers to manage their expectations – neither of which are easy at times!

It was also challenging to get up to speed on the technical aspects of working in the solar industry – as SMA invests heavily in innovation, there’s always something new to learn.


How do you manage stress?

My three cats Evie, Mushroom and Henry are natural stress busters! I also seek solace in my photography and walking in my local area of Towcester – I really enjoy living in the countryside and being surrounded by nature.  A good cup of coffee helps, too!


„The solar industry offers so many diverse job opportunities. I’m excited about what the future may hold!“


Do you have any advice for young women pursuing their dream career?

If you’re offered any knowledge while you’re working, take it – it opens doorways, and you can never know too much!

I’d also say try not to be disheartened if you get a ‘no’ during an interview process. If you have a positive, can-do attitude, the right job will find you.


Thanks for the interview, Danielle.


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  1. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Ola bom dia sou tecnica da imprensa visky em lagos Portugal.
    Tenho um problema com um iversor sma esta bloqueado não consigo entrarnas configurações. Preciso do códigos de desbloqueio do iversor para poder configurar de novo obrigado pala atenção
    Daniel Francisco

    • Christiane Keim
      Christiane Keim says:

      Hello Daniel,

      Por favor, desculpem o feedback tardio.
      Para mais assistência e apoio técnico, por favor contacte os nossos colegas da SMA Iberica, obrigado!

      Sunny regards

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