What is a Lunch Bingo?

When I saw an email in my inbox with the subject 'Lunch Bingo' I asked myself what on earth a lunch bingo could be. I opened the email with great interest and actually found the idea fantastic!
Lunch Bingo is a unique way to get to know and network with colleagues from other departments. And, as the name suggests, the whole thing takes place over lunch. The Lunch Bingo colleague I was assigned to is from the Knowledge Management department. The exciting part is that you have no idea ahead of time who you will be eating lunch with. 🙂

Integration at the lunch


Then came the day of the big lunch together. I was a little nervous as I made my way to the cafeteria… what would we talk about?.. hopefully he's talkative and we won't just sit there like two frozen fish, stiff as broccoli over lunch 😉
Once in the cafeteria, I was met with a very pleasant welcome and all my fears dissolved. It was a very nice and conversation-rich lunch and we worked our way through a range of topics. Time just flew by.

The next Lunch Bingo event takes place in 2 months and I'm already excited about it 🙂