Wanted: International Students!

International Students at SMA
International Students at SMA

Are you studying Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences or a similar degree? If so, then consider this: SMA is looking for international students who are interested in staying abroad. To see what it’s like to work at SMA Solar Technology AG, have a look at this video.

If you are interested, you can find even more information at jobs.SMA.de


  1. Aditya Vyas
    Aditya Vyas says:

    Hello there,

    I am from INDIA and very much interested to work with SMA on Micro – Grids and Smart – Grids. I have my B.Tech in Electrical Engineering and pursuing M.Tech in Energy Systems and Technology (Focused on Solar Energy). Currently working on a Live Micro – Grid installation with Five different power sources and approx 800 kW of Load in India, as my M.Tech Thesis. Please guide me through the right path to join SMA to work in Micro / Smart Grid domain. Thank You

  2. David
    David says:

    I am an Electrical Engineer and I am about to finish my master’s degree in Florida. I would like to know what opportunities you have for international professionals seeking for long-term internships or jobs. Are the internships only for enrolled students or is there a similar international-oriented program? I would like to be part of the SMA community in Germany and learn more about PV technologies.

    Thank you!

    • Henrik Schenck
      Henrik Schenck says:

      Hi David,
      please have a look at Leonies reply, two comments down (dated February 19, 2014) for ways to look for international opportunities
      and a contact.

      Thank you.

      Regards, Henrik

  3. Kekeli
    Kekeli says:

    I am Mechatronic Systems Engineering student in Canada, I am very interested in doing a co-op with SMA. My question is are international students required to be fluent in German?
    I have also looked through the current job postings, unfortunately I cannot see the full requirements as the page does not translate to English.
    Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated. I hope I can get a placement with SMA in the future.

    Thank you

      • Kekeli
        Kekeli says:

        Hello Leonie,

        Thank you for your response.
        I will contact Anne Schuster as I have some questions regarding the available internships.



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