Twitter Co-Founder Applauds his Parents as they Bring Solar to St. Louis

Dorsey Brightergy

St. Louis, Missouri, was all “a-Twitter” last weekend at the ribbon cutting of a buzzworthy new PV system installed at the business of Tim Dorsey, father of Twitter and Square co-founder Jack Dorsey.

Tim Dorsey and Jack Dorsey Celebrate Solar with installer Brightergy.

The event attracted a great crowd and some of St. Louis’s biggest names including the city’s Mayor Francis Slay and of course, Jack Dorsey himself.

Spearheaded by Brightergy – one of Missouri’s largest solar installers – the 25 kW system uses SMA’s reliable Sunny Boy  inverters and the Sunny Portal for system monitoring. The system was installed at MA Tech Services, Tim Dorsey’s company, which provides mass spectrometers and related expertise to organizations that need to analyze chemical gases.

The goal of this installation? It’s simple. Tim Dorsey wants to set a positive example for clean energy consumption in St. Louis, and more importantly to create a better world for his grandchildren. He has even set up a curbside display using a PV-powered iPad to share the system’s power production with the public.

Solar powered iPad for Sunny Portal PV production monitoring.

The new system is expected to offset virtually 100 percent of the company’s energy costs, producing 32,291 kWh annually. It will also prevent the release of almost 23 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the Missouri atmosphere (equivalent to planting 584 tree seedlings).

During the Saturday morning event, Jack Dorsey spoke in support of innovation in the St. Louis region and for the solar industry as a whole.

“This is what St. Louis needs more of. I really love this neighborhood, but I also love seeing innovation happening around this neighborhood, especially having to do with energy consumption. This is something we would expect from every single building in San Francisco and be surprised if we didn’t have it, and we should do the same here in St. Louis, Missouri.”  -Jack Dorsey

In honor of the famed son, the new PV system will also have its own Twitter account and will tweet production information – gathered by Sunny Portal – from @1920Solar.

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