The Top 5 Solar Stories in October 2013

SMA Top Solar Stories
Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

These are the top stories you can’t miss in October:


1.      The 7 Reasons Why The Solar Revolution Took Off

 Solar is up 700% since 2001. Fossil fuels and nuclear barely even register. Reason enough to chronicle how solar has been able to explode in the past decade.

Read this interesting Business Insider article to learn about the rise of solar.


 2.      Solar Dominance by 2100? Big Oil Says Solar Power Will Win Out

Oil companies have been one of the most powerful opponents of renewable energy — but now, one of the biggest is predicting that it will dominate the world’s power supply in a matter of decades.

Solar Dominance by 2100. Source: Motherboard

Solar Dominance by 2100. Source: Motherboard

Find out how this surprising conclusion came about on Motherboard.


 3.      92% of American Voters Feel It’s Important To Develop More Solar Energy Resources

There were times when US politicians refused to believe solar could play a useful role in modern energy systems, and paint it as an extension of government regulation. But they were told differently by the people they represent: “American voters have spoken loud and clear – they love solar and they want more of it.”

Check out what is driving these clean energy developments in America on Mosaic


4.      Why Solar Will Be Unstoppable Despite A Bumpy Road Ahead

Despite the many challenges it faces from powerful fossil fuel proponents, the solar industry is destined for success, regardless of governmental energy policy of the day.
Find out what is still standing in the way of solar but why it will survive “Energy Darwinism” in this interesting comment on Solarplaza.

Going solar. Source: Cost of Solar

Going solar. Source: Cost of Solar


 5.      10 Easy Ways To Save Money & Energy Using The Sun!

Recent studies have found that the people in the US waste 61% to 84% of our energy, and that they use 11 times more energy than the UK despite having only 5 times the population. Energy is a huge portion of most people’s expenses. Cutting back just a bit on energy usage could save money for all sorts of better things.

Check out how easy it is to save money using the power of the sun in this article on Cost of Solar.

As renewables become an integral part of the energy mix around the world, you sometimes lose track of the global developments. Things change on a daily basis, articles are published almost every minute which is why we will recommend five stories you must read every month. They will vary from interesting comments to fascinating reports or images from the world of renewable energies. 


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