Service Tip: Pay Attention When Assigning Password in Sunny Portal

The Service Line has been receiving a lot of questions about passwords lately. Some customers want to know why they can no longer access the inverter in a PV system using their password. Why is this happening?

SMA uses various types of passwords. For details, see the technical description: System Monitoring—SMA Safety and Password Concept for Password-Protected PV Systems With Bluetooth® Wireless Technology.


The PV System Password

To prevent unauthorized access, SMA recommends choosing a separate password for each user group (“User” and “Installer”).
All devices with the same password for the “Installer” user group and the same NetID form a system. Therefore, SMA refers to any password that is the same for all the devices of a system as the pv system password.

The devices in the system come with the following default passwords:

“User”: 0000

“Installer”: 1111.

Some customers refer to the password for the “Installer” user group as the “Installer password”.



That sounds simple enough. So what is causing the confusion?

To register a system with Speedwire/Webconnect or with a Sunny Home Manager in Sunny Portal, you must enter a pv system password. Important: This is the password for the “Installer” user group that was assigned on-site during start-up. Please enter this in the appropriate field (see screenshot above this article).

It gets more complicated if the default password was not changed during start-up. For security reasons, you cannot simply enter the standard password 1111 into Sunny Portal. What happens if you do? The new password overwrites the default password and applies it to all devices registered in the Sunny Portal system. Please keep this in mind, and be sure to write down the pv system password you set up in Sunny Portal.
If you later try to access your devices on-site (for example with Sunny Explorer) using the default password for the “Installer” user group, it will no longer work. Please use the password that you created as the pv system password in Sunny Portal.

Please do remember that the password for the "Installer" user group and the system password is one and the same password. In this way, you can access all devices in the plant through both, Sunny Explorer and Sunny Portal. All data are displayed.

Please do remember that the password for the “Installer” user group and the system password is one and the same password. In this way, you can access all devices in the plant through both, Sunny Explorer and Sunny Portal. All data are displayed.

By the way: The system password for the “User” user group is not affected because it cannot be changed in Sunny Portal.


Potential Problems During Data Transfer

Even if you understand and follow the procedure described above, complications can occasionally arise during data transfer. There are two possible situations:

  • The new pv system password created in Sunny Portal has not been applied to the inverters. This can happen, for example, if the devices cannot be accessed or are not feeding during registration. If you notice that you cannot access the inverters with your current password, or no data appears in Sunny Portal, please try again with the “old” Installer password.
  • Your installation company changed the default system password 1111 to a new password that you do not know. In this case, Sunny Portal cannot access your devices, and for security reasons a new system password cannot be set. The system is still registered in Sunny Portal, but no detailed system data is shown. If this happens, please contact your installer.


Reset Password

If you forget your password, you will need a Personal Unblocking Key (PUK). You can request one from our Service Line using this form. Learn more about it in our upcoming service tip.


  1. Emerson
    Emerson says:

    Seems this “Communication to the device failed. Incorrect user password. Data will be imported as soon as the device is available. Error code 721” occurs often. Can you pls enumerate possible causes or at least most common cause? We are currently experiencing on two installation sites. We did update “Installer password” on the inverter as per the new requirement (special character ! $ % & / ( ) = ? + − . ; : _ #) . Strangely, we did renew Sunny Portal (System Password) months ago and expected that all inverters on all of our installation sites will also update and some site did, except the two mentioned with the Error Code 721. Thanks

  2. Hasse Hult
    Hasse Hult says:

    hej bytt lösord på nätverket efter det går inte att inte få gång min synny portal, vad gör jag / Hasse

  3. Oggie
    Oggie says:

    Hi logged in to SMA to change my router password. I realised I entered the wrong password and went to log back in via wifi however it gives me this message:
    No further login is possible.
    The maximum number of users is already logged in on this device.
    Please wait until one of the users has logged out and try again later.
    I don’t know how to get to the log in screen and there is no logout button

  4. a fonville
    a fonville says:

    We also had to change our password on the SNA portal. From that moment no more power produced data from the Sunny Boy device were imported. So after reading the manual several times we concluded that the Installer password of Sunny Boy should also be changed (why not warn for that on the SNA portal????). But that didn’t help. The portal still does not show any actual data. The inverter operates normally (geen check mark when logging in on Summy Boy itself) and blue and green lights on the inverter but the event log on the device shows 10344, 10285, 10286, 10110 and 10343 messages and the event log on the SNA portal is empty. Our solar provider wants to charge a lot of money to “solve” this problem. What is happening in the SNA portal?

    • Christiane Keim
      Christiane Keim says:

      Hello a fonville,

      Please get back to our SMA Service for further help as we need more details to support here (e.g. serial number etc.).
      We assume that you mean our SMA Sunny Portal?

      Thanks for your support.

      Sunny regards

  5. Serg Markov
    Serg Markov says:

    Hello ,

    Your access has been blocked.
    An incorrect password has been repeatedly entered. For security reasons, your account has been temporarily blocked.

    Wait 1 Minute and then try again.

    I understand that I entered the wrong password several times

    But this message does not disappear when I try to login

    How to proceed?

    • Stephen Budd
      Stephen Budd says:

      I have the same problem, the message does not change and you can not try to enter a password or PUK. Customer service want to CHARGE ME for a code to unlock MY inverter even though I would not be able to enter it. Very unhelpful.

      • Christiane Keim
        Christiane Keim says:

        Hello Stephen,

        Please note that there have been changes regarding the PUK since January 2022.
        Here you will find more information on that topic.

        In case you need further assistance, please get back to our SMA Online Service Center.

        Sunny regards

  6. Anita
    Anita says:

    hi, the password for our Sunny Webbox is no longer working (used to be the default sma) “password is not recognized”. We tried the reset button for < 5 seconds but that hasn't changed anything. No one seems to know the password or has changed it – how do we get this reset?

  7. Derek Kingscote
    Derek Kingscote says:


    II need some help with the password . I can complete the form but you say that you need a signature; is it OK to print the form, sign it and then scan it and email it to you? Regarding payment, can that be done electronically e.g. by PayPal? Does the PUK get emailed back to me?

    I have upgraded to windows 11 and was not prepared for a password when logging into the Sunny Boy using Sunny Explorer. It was not clear what form the password should take i.e. is it all numeric, is it alphanumeric or a mixture of the two. I have seen a previous post for Sunny Portal that indicates the need for special characters e.g. ? or _ or – or !

    The SMA software I am using is 2.01.21, is this current, and I see that this is 32 bit software.

    On Sunny Explorer the fields are User Group with options User or Installer and a Plant Password.
    How do you use the PUK? When using the PUK do you select installer and paste the PUK into the plant password field? does that then force you to choose your own password, that being the installer password. how do you go about setting the user password?

    Your document on service tips [relating to Sunny Portal] has a paragraph:
    SMA uses various types of passwords. For details, see the technical description: System Monitoring—SMA Safety and Password Concept for Password-Protected PV Systems With Bluetooth® Wireless Technology.
    The technical description link is 404

    Is there an up-to-date document stating how the PUK is used and how the user password is set?
    Many thanks
    Derek KIngscote

  8. Derek Kingscote
    Derek Kingscote says:

    I need some clarification. I upgraded to Windows 11 and was forced into a password reset. I wasn’t expecting this and now I can’t access my Sunny Boy. Previously 0000 and 1111 worked and now I need a password.
    I can go through the PUK process, but you need a signature. If I print the form, sign it then scan it and mail it to you, is that acceptable?
    How is the payment made – can that be done online e.g. PayPal.
    So that I am prepared [which I wasn’t when faced with a password change on first encounter] what format must the password take e.g. number of characters, a mix of alphabetical and numeric or numeric only and any special characters e,g, @ or & or # and are the alphabetic case sensitive?

    Your website seems to be a general SMA website. It’s not clear whereabouts on this website I will find specific details on passwords and password reset.

    The options are against User group Options user or installer
    and plant password

    To use the PUK do you select installer and then paste the PUK into the plant password field. What happens then, are you asked for your own password [didn’t appear to have a secondary confirmation of the password when I was confronted] and is this password both the installer password and the user password or just the installer password, and a secondary password for the user has to be set and if so how is that done?

    Sorry to be so detailed but I was caught out the first time, and I don’t want to get caught again.

    Many thanks

    Derek Kingscote

    • Christiane Keim
      Christiane Keim says:

      Hello Derek,

      Please contact our SMA Service for further help.
      We need more information to support you.
      Alternatively, you may get in contact with SMA UK.

      Thanks for your understanding.

      Sunny regards

  9. Adam
    Adam says:

    Hello, I tried to change the PV system password on the sunny portal. However the system report following error “Communication to the device failed. Incorrect user password. Data will be imported as soon as the device is available. Error code 721”. Then, I tried to rollback the past to the last password i used, but I got following notice “Your password could not be changed. Please try again later.”. What should I do to fix these problems?
    I look forward to your reply

  10. B. Koppers
    B. Koppers says:

    Got it working, I hope. But the way this works is very confusing altogether and not clear *at all*.

    I have a PV-installation dated 2013 (when the codes 0000/1111 were common)

    Recently I updated the (local/Win10) software Sunny Explorer to its latest version (2.01.21)
    On login, Sunny Explorer demands the user to change the (installer/user) passwords.
    Which is fine.
    It states the password-algoritm : at least 8 chars, at least 1 small letter, capital, at least one number

    ** However ** , the password-algoritm in the (remote/cloud) Sunny Portal is different. Here you expect us to enter: 8 chars minimum, a max of 12 chars, and *suddenly* a special character too.

    This led to the situation that the portal cannot read the data from the PV-installation and even more confusing log-messages like “Communication to the device failed. Incorrect user password. Data will be imported as soon as the device is available. Error code 721”.

    The field-description like “PV System Password” is confusing. I suppose this is the installer-password, as that one works?
    Upon synchronising the password locally with portal, it *seems* to be working again.

    All in all, not very user-friendly at all, this situation where algoritms/password-schema differ and descriptions are not the same.

  11. Charlton poloso
    Charlton poloso says:

    Hello I have a problem with extension master slave and extension slave 2 and 3. There error code F721 inverter temperature sensor. Looking at the manual it describes level 4 cause short circuit or cable break on temperature sensor of the inverter bridge L1..please I need your help to rectify this error

    • Michael
      Michael says:

      Hello Charlton Poloso,
      Thanks for your feedback. For technical support, please contact our SMA Service Team as we need some more technical information (serial number etc).
      You may use our SMA Online Service Center for that purpose.

      Sunny regards

  12. Ferdinand Ruge
    Ferdinand Ruge says:

    Hello plse help me I can’t login to my computer into sunny portal and the login credentials are correct but i gave out an error which say {Failed login} so i do tried to login to another computer it login successful or what might be a problem kindly help.

    • Christiane Keim
      Christiane Keim says:

      Hello Ferdinand,

      Have you checked whether you have indicated the requested installer password?
      This one will be assigned on-site during start-up. Please enter this in the appropriate field.

      Sunny regards

  13. Wim Nagtegaal
    Wim Nagtegaal says:

    Hello, In 2013 I’ve had a Sunny Boy 3000TL-21 installed with 12 panels. For a long time I used the SpeedWire ethernet interface with the standard password (‘0000’ and ‘1111’). After an upgrade of Sunny Explorer it had me change the user password into a more complex password. Which I did and I can access the inverter with the new password. But now I want to log on as Engineer and when I use the ‘1111’ password it reports that it has to be changed and shows the SB3000TL-21 is locked. But as far as I know I’ve not changed the Engineer password. How can I get access as Engineer? I would like to enable port TCP 502 for reading system information with Home Assistant, will that work?

    • Christiane Keim
      Christiane Keim says:

      Hello Wim,

      It seems that the engineers password has been changed.
      If you do not have access to that password, the PUK is requested.
      Please contact the SMA Service or ask directly for your PUK here.

      Kind regards


    • Christiane Keim
      Christiane Keim says:

      Hello Joel,

      if it concerns the „Speedwire Encrypted Communication (SEC)“, the communication can be deactivated with the Sunny Explorer.
      In case the password for the device needs to be recovered, please contact the SMA Service for a PUK.

      Sunny regards


  14. Jo Boeckx
    Jo Boeckx says:

    I can’t connect with my app. Invalid user pw is mentioned, what must I do that I can see my solarproduction again in the app… Electricity falled out once, since then I had to configure all again and had to set new installer and user pw. Since then I can’t follow my solar. production in the app

    Error code 721 always mentioned every day. Please help my installer can’t fix it…

  15. Huỳnh Văn Phúc
    Huỳnh Văn Phúc says:

    Hi.I got this error :
    Password error
    Sunny Portal cannot access the device with the password entered
    Please enter the password for the “Installer” user group that is set for the device and select [Repeat]. If you do not know the password, select [Cancel].
    please help me, thanks

  16. Péter Márkus
    Péter Márkus says:

    I’m from Hungary.
    I can’t register, but there would be a problem with my own inverter.(Sunny Boy 3.6 1AV-40)
    I have changed my password and have not communicated with the online WEB interface since then.
    Where can I turn for help? Even a PUK code can help me because only user mode access is allowed in the inverter. The installer user has been locked and will not be unlocked in a quarter of an hour. Only acces with simple user.

  17. raimon
    raimon says:

    my password works in my laptop, but not in my android app. Well, also in the app I can access to my plant details and daily statistics, but it’s not able to show current situation. “login error… check your plant password and try again” message appears.

  18. Gabrio
    Gabrio says:

    Hello, I changed in inverter, and now the passowrd requirements are different between past. It was minumum 4 digit, now minimu 8 digit, so I can’t set same old password in order to add the replaced invert in the sunny portal. Suggestion?

  19. Gabrio
    Gabrio says:

    Hi, today i replaced one invert and set different installer password from others, so now i cannot connect on sunny portale, is there a way to change it? (i have both password). Many thanks and best regards

  20. Steven Paull
    Steven Paull says:

    Good morning. I need a PUK to reset the password for my PV Plant. The link to the form on the SMA website does not lead anywhere (Error 404 Not Found)

  21. Mohsin
    Mohsin says:

    May I have the email ID for someone who is dealing with errors and issues with Sunny Portal?


  22. Mohsin
    Mohsin says:

    I am trying to get registered on SMA Online Service but it gives an error that this “service is not available in your country”. Can you guide me further on this?


  23. Mohsin
    Mohsin says:

    I have a web connect SMA STP25000TL and I am getting error 721. Everything was working OK and out of nowhere the inverter stops sending data to Sunny Portal.
    I am trying to get registered on SMA Online Service but it gives an error that this service is not avaoble in Pakistan. Can you guide me further on this?


  24. Philip
    Philip says:

    Hello SMA Admin,
    I changed my PV system password and now, i have a problem “Communication to the device failed. Incorrect user password. Data will be imported as soon as the device is available. Error code 721”. New PV system Password i always remember exactly but i can’t access inverter with both new password and old password.
    Please give me a instruction file to mail : or

  25. William Hunt
    William Hunt says:

    Why do you make changing the password so hard and even have the risk of losing all data to do it. That makes no sense. This should be easy.

  26. Thomas Brantzos
    Thomas Brantzos says:

    Hello I,m trying to access the inverter but I have a problem. A message appears and inform me that the max number of users are already in. I really don’t know who are these users… please inform me what to do to have access again.

  27. Dayal Anbu
    Dayal Anbu says:

    Hi, I had my solar installed couple of weeks back. I use SB5.0-1AV-41 103 Inverter and it was all good so far until today morning and I’m getting the below error message

    Communication to the device failed. Incorrect user password. Data will be imported as soon as the device is available. Error code 721

    • Anke Baars
      Anke Baars says:

      Hi Dayal,
      Please check if your Sunny Portal password matches with your inverter`s.
      Kind regards,

  28. nguyen
    nguyen says:

    Hi Carolyn,

    I follow your link and get PUK for 02 inverter SB 5.0
    But when change installer passoword (step 8). I need to change plant password (system password) on sunny portal. And I want to know old old password, I fill PUK of inverter 1 or PUK of inverter 2. Becasue 02 inverter created same sunny portal account.

  29. nguyen
    nguyen says:

    I have two SB 5.0 inverters. They are both connected to my wifi. I install for my customer from 2018 upto now. Originally they both showed up in my sunny portal but now we can connect to sunny portal (about a week ago). The inverters gives an error 721 for an invalid password. Both inverters were set up with the same password and I am not able to log into both inverters becasue I don’t remember pass installer.
    How can I solve this fault.

  30. Cheryl Whitty
    Cheryl Whitty says:

    I have recently had a Sunny Boy SB5.0-1AV-40 system installed, I connected it to my home wifi when it was first installed and while that was a little difficult I did manage to do it. Recently the installer came out again as we were showing a grid fault error and Western Power had said for them to check to see if they could fix it – since then we can no longer access our system via wi-fi. I have tried everything I did the first time to connect it but it is saying incorrect password but this has not changed, I have even tried the setup SMA password but that didn’t work. Is there anyone that may be able to help?

  31. mike
    mike says:

    I have two SB 5.0 inverters. They are both connected to my wifi with static IP addresses and show 100% connectivity. They both show that Webconnect has a good connection. Originally they both showed up in my sunny portal but after about a week only one device shows up. The other inverter gives an error 721 for an invalid password. Both inverters were set up with the same password and I am able to log into both inverters without any problem. I have called the service line a few times and they are unable to get the second inverter to show up in sunny portal either. The service line tech said that they get communication problems all the time and they are not sure what the problem is.

    • Anke Baars
      Anke Baars says:

      Hi Mike,
      Please send me your plant data (pv plant name in Sunny Portal) vial e-mail to I´d like to put you through to my colleague, who can solve the communication problem.
      Thanks and best regards, Anke

  32. Zaw Myint
    Zaw Myint says:

    Error Code 721
    I have installed 3 inverters (Tripower STP25000TL) and one of the inverters showing Error code 721 on web monitoring. How could I resolve this?

    • Petar B.
      Petar B. says:

      I’m having the same issue after replacing one inverter in a PV plant consisting of two inverters. I managed to replace the inverter on Sunny Portal but no data comes from this new inverter (error 721).

  33. Hussam
    Hussam says:

    I can’t get in the installer be cause it has been blocked and I forgot the installer password which I have been setting for the sunny explorer, how can I reset the password?

  34. Hrvoje Mintas
    Hrvoje Mintas says:

    Dear SMA,

    we have a problem with inverter password. New plant was commisioned with one STP25000TL-30 inverter and configured with rotary switches on-site. The webconnect was connected to the router and in the evening that day I registered it on sunnyportal. When prompted for plant password I entered the password I would like to use and now it does not want to connect to the inverter because of wrong inverter passsword (Error code 721). Since nobody changed inverter password during commisioning, what is default inverter password?

    Best regards,
    Hrvoje Mintas

    • Rhea Terlinden
      Rhea Terlinden says:

      Dear Hrvoje,

      Usually, the default password for the group “installer” is 1111. For the group “user”, please enter 0000 as password.

      Please do not hesitate to contact directly our Service Line if you have further questions.

      Kind regards,

  35. Chris
    Chris says:

    Hi. I have an sma system with home manager and sunny tripower 25000tl. I have forgotten my of system pasward. Please help me get one

    • Annika Linke
      Annika Linke says:

      Hi Chris,
      If you have lost or forgotten your PV System password, you can set it new in Sunny Portal. This is possible in the following menu:
      >Configuration >Device Overview >Properties of Sunny Home Manager
      Kind regards, Annika

  36. Jesus Maués
    Jesus Maués says:

    hello, I have a 5000tl sunny boy inverter and I can not access it with the installer user. I already tried the 1111 password. How do I get the password?

    • Jesus Maués
      Jesus Maués says:

      link not found

      Not Found

      The requested URL /dl/22720/PUK-ANTRAG-ZEN135017_web.pdf was not found on this server.

  37. Wael Madkour
    Wael Madkour says:

    i have a question for you, Dose PUK replace installer password or just user password.
    since some time i need as installer to block access to the parameters area and plant engineers try to access that area.

    • Jennifer Rößler
      Jennifer Rößler says:

      Hello Wael,
      The PUK actually won´t replace any password. If you lose your password, it is necessary to reactivate the access with the help of a PUK (Personal Unblocking Key).
      Please visit our website to find out more. For further information about the activation of the inverters, please refer to the manual of the respective communication product.

      Kind regards, Jennifer

  38. benno smith
    benno smith says:

    Is there a sequence for loading inversters and devices? Example: first inverters then sunny home manager then energy meter.

    • Jennifer Rößler
      Jennifer Rößler says:

      Hi Benno,

      Unfortunately, we are not sure if we understand your request correctly.

      Regarding complex communication issues, it is advisable to clarify the next steps for troubleshooting in a personal dialogue.
      Therefore, we kindly ask you to contact directly our Service Line, where our colleagues will be happy to provide further assistance.

      The contact data for your Service Line can be found on our website

      Kind regards, Jennifer

  39. velusamy
    velusamy says:

    please send me the product unlock key for PV system password.
    i have 2 multigate and recently changed few microinverters and could not add that in the PV system.
    since its asking PV system password which i dont have.
    thanks a million

  40. Matt dawson
    Matt dawson says:

    I have forgotten the installer password I set for sunny explorer, how can I reset the password?


    • Lucas Unbehaun
      Lucas Unbehaun says:

      Hi Matt,

      please contact directly our service line in Australia, the number is +61 2 9491 4200.

      Kind Regards, Lucas

  41. Barry
    Barry says:

    My installer installed my Sunnyboy 1.5 and assigned a password (which I have) and its connected to the home internet. Unfortunately he didnt register the system on Sunny Portal in time and so I cant use the app. How to I get it registered, is this also done through PUK reset?

  42. Willem jurgens
    Willem jurgens says:

    Hi, I received an old SMA 3300 unit (60V battery unit) as donation, but have no Password (6 digit) as user nor installer. Where can I go to find out, and how to reset installer PW if need be.
    Appreciate your help

    • Julia Stunz
      Julia Stunz says:

      Hi Willem,

      Usually, the default password is sma (for users and/or installers)
      If you are still not able to login using sma as the password, please contact the Service Line and let us know the serial number of your unit so we could work on a solution.
      It is also advisable to provide your contact details as well so the support is even faster – please write directly to

      Kind regards,

    • Leonie Blume
      Leonie Blume says:

      Hello Rob,
      We have an application for the iPhone. You can download it from the Apple-Store.
      This application synchronizes with Sunny Portal.
      If you can see live values, depends which kind of data logging is used in your plant. Only plants with Webconnect or with a Sunny Home manager are sending live values.

      If you have further questions, please call our SMA Service Line in your country.

      Best regards


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