Service Tip: Changing the inverter’s network setting using SMA Connection Assist

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When it’s not possible to locate an SMA inverter using Sunny Explorer or other SMA communication devices, SMA CONNECTION ASSIST is the perfect tool to use. SMA Connection Assist can be used to change the inverter’s network setting using Speedwire connection. As every installation site has its own level of network security, many high-level network securities require a static IP address setup so that the IP address of the inverter doesn’t come into conflict with the IP address of the devices used by the client on a daily basis.


What is SMA Connection Assist?

SMA Connection Assist is a network commissioning tool and is the ideal solution for circumstances when automatic network configuration is not possible and manual commissioning is required. With the SMA Connection Assist, SMA devices can be integrated into any local area or home network with only a few clicks. The commissioning tool assists users with all necessary adjustments by analysing local conditions and recommending manual configuration options.


The importance of IP addresses

Understanding the use of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses is important for accessing the user-interface of most SMA communication devices. Changing the network settings on SMA communication devices allows the user to set the IP address that they desire. There are two types of IP addresses:

  • Dynamic IP : Changes based on the IP address assigned by the network to which it is connected
  • Static IP : IP address remains the same at all times

All SMA communication devices are Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) enabled which means when connected to the network router of the customer, then the DHCP-enabled router will assign a Dynamic IP address to the device. For sites where the router has a firewall security set-up for privacy reasons, then a static IP address is recommended. This would ensure that the router’s firewall doesn’t block the inverter’s IP address.


IP Channel Talk

Only IP addresses of a similar range are able to communicate with each other. For a channel to be established, the inverter’s IP address has to be in the same range as the router. The first three numbers in an IP address should be exactly the same while the last number should range between 1-255. For example, if the Gateway IP of the router is and the inverter IP range is, then the inverter would not be able to communicate with the router. An example of an IP address that would be able to communicate with the router is


SMA Webconnect Module

The communication device used in conjunction with SMA Connection Assist is the SMA Webconnect module. This device is either built-in or optional for most of the latest models of SMA grid-tied inverters such as the Sunny Boy and Sunny Tripower inverters. The network settings on this device can be changed by using the SMA Connection Assist.


Communication bridge between SMA products

Communication bridge between SMA products


Similar to other SMA communication devices, the SMA Webconnect module is DHCP-enabled and so, the router assigns an IP address to the inverter once it is connected via ethernet cable.


How to set a static IP address on an inverter (when the router has a firewall):

In instances where the router has a firewall which blocks the inverter IP address, the following steps can be taken to set a static IP address on the inverter.


(1) Create a static IP address using the router’s interface which will not be blocked by the firewall and will not be used for other devices. For example, create for a case where the gateway IP of the route is (Refer to a router’s manual to understand how to create a static IP on that specific router).


(2) Download SMA Connection Assist from the following link onto your PC:


(3) Connect your PC directly to your inverter temporarily, using the ethernet cable (CAT5 or CAT6 cable) between inverter and router.



(4) After the ethernet cable connection is setup, run the SMA Connection Assist and search for the devices in the local Speedwire network. The information on the right-hand side of the interface of SMA Connection Assist provides guidance regarding each step of the process.

Searching for devices on the local network

Searching for devices on the local network


(5) Using SMA Connection Assist, under the tab ‘Change network settings’, you are able to assign a static IP address to the inverter that you have created in the router’s interface.



(6) Eventually after transfer of the settings have initialised, the Webconnect module will promptly change to a static IP address which will allow the inverter to communicate under a secured network through firewall.

SMA Connection Assist can also provide assistance for other troubleshooting issues. For example, if you have forgotten the static IP address of an inverter and you are no longer able to detect the device on Sunny Portal or Sunny Explorer, SMA Connection Assist is able to detect the device and change the settings from static IP address to Dynamic IP address. This allows the router to assign a new IP address to the inverter to  connect to the internet. After this process, Sunny Explorer is able to detect the device.



SMA Connection Assist is an easy-to-use, user-friendly and flexible tool to configure a static IP address on SMA inverters, depending on a site’s specific requirements. This tool works for SMA’s latest inverter models that have a built-in SMA Webconnect module connected via Speedwire network to a computer. What makes SMA unique in the PV industry is that it not only builds world-class leading inverters, but full solutions to best ensure installers and customers get the most out of their renewable energy system. Along with the range of communication devices offered with inverters, SMA also provide technical support through complimentary troubleshooting software such as SMA Connection Assist. If you need a solar solution, you can be sure to achieve it using SMA’s suite of solutions.


Download the SMA Connection Assist



This article was published in 2016. As we are constantly developing our solutions, there may be newer or additional options for the tips and techniques in this article.

  1. POUYA
    POUYA says:

    How to download this software? it is no longer available!
    I have difficulty to commission the SMA TRIPOWER CORE 2 100-60. when i connect it to my laptop via LAN it doesn’t respond to the default ip address ( so i can’t log in to set time and doing first run set up.

  2. ChDh
    ChDh says:

    I upgraded to LCS version 2.00.19 from 1.91.00. But LCS was not detected upgraded Inverter Manager.(I disconnect LAN Port 2 When i upgrading Inverter Manager. There has static IP for Inverter Manager.) Why is that undetected in LCS?

  3. Rabi
    Rabi says:

    ” Parameter modification using python”
    I want to use python on my PC to configure parameters of the SMA sunny boy inverter as a server-client. Have any documents regarding this or how can I do this?

  4. saleh
    saleh says:

    How can I send Inverters information to sunny portal with Inverter manager and LCS tools. the capacity of my plant is 2MW and inverters are SMA-60kW. I start up my plant with LCS tools and router, but i couldn’t communicate with Internet. Please guide me
    with the best regards.

    • Christiane Keim
      Christiane Keim says:

      Hello Saleh,

      In your LCS Tool, you have to configure the following parameters on your inverter manager:

      1.) Network settings for your LAN1-connection suitable to your router to make sure that the inverter manager is connected to the internet

      2.) Setup – Network settings

      3.) Configuration of your Sunny Portal settings for the Upload to the Sunny Portal

      4.) Setup- Portal Upload

      5.) The Sunny Portal registration takes place automatically (depending on the frequency of the upload).

      Sunny regards


  5. Aaron Benbow
    Aaron Benbow says:

    I have an inverter STP 9000TL-20, and suddenly the speedwire/ethernet connection stopped working. I am using it purely for modbus to capture data for our scada system. It was working fine yesterday. I have tried turning off and back on but cannot get a connection now.

  6. humail ahmed
    humail ahmed says:

    Hi Concerns,
    I am using the stp 20000tl on grid system but now it not showing days generation graph then I checked the error. its showing Communication with your inverter is not currently possible. Check the Internet connection of the inverter and try again. while the inter net working is properly please suggest me the better solution of about it

  7. najah.ali
    najah.ali says:

    Dear team SMA .
    Greetings dear I buying 3 pcs invoice tripower power 45-50KW CORE1
    I want help us to explain how can connect the wifi with the inverter
    If can provide me the details for my request or sent YouTube clear how can do that
    With best regards
    Eng. najah

  8. Jason
    Jason says:

    How can I reconnect my sma inverter to my wifi after I changed the original internet password,was connect before but I changed my wifi password & now the inverter is disconnected,thank you!!

    • Annika Linke
      Annika Linke says:

      Hi Jason,
      There are different ways to reconnect your inverter to your wireless network. First, you have to establish a connection to the inverters user interface. That connection can be established either via ethernet or wifi.
      If you want to establish the connection via integrated access point of your inverter, please proceed as follows: Search for new wireless networks with your computer or a mobile device (The inverter SSID is usually: SMA[serial number] (e.g. SMA2130019815)) Once you have found the SSID of your inverter, you will be prompt to enter the password. Now, you have successfully establish a connection to your inverter via wifi access point. Please enter now the ip address of your inverter in the address field of your internet browser; usually it is Once the user interface is displayed, you will be able to login and adjust the settings of your inverter according to your actual network settings.
      Please also refer to the installation guide of your inverter. There, all the information you need is described in more details.
      Kind regards, Annika

  9. Francisco Pascual
    Francisco Pascual says:

    How can i reset SMA Sunny Island 6.0 12H to its default/original settings?

    Disconnect the Wi-Fi connection, and the assist connect disappeared via ethernet.
    Best regards.

    • Carolyn Schlosser
      Carolyn Schlosser says:

      Hi Francisco,

      1) Log into the Sunny WebBox.
      2) Enter the password.
      3) Select the corresponding inverter.
      4) Select the “Parameter” tab.
      5) Select “Memory Funct. > List box”.
      6) Select “Reset Op. Data”.
      7) Then confirm the setting by clicking the “[Save]” button.

      Sunny regards,

  10. Markus
    Markus says:

    Hello, I am trying to reach the inverter manager via OPEN VPN connection. Is it possible to connect LCS Tool remotly?

    Best regards

  11. Navid Sameti
    Navid Sameti says:

    Hi, I have SMA Cluster Controller using 36 STP-50 inverters connecting by speed-wire. one of inverters is not detected by Cluster Controller. I guess I should change this inverter Installer password. But I can not log in to it by web user interface because of lacking its password. please help me. Can I reset it to factory network setting?

  12. Piet Engels
    Piet Engels says:

    I had to change my LAN ip adresses. Now I can’t connect anymore to my sunny boy 4000tl-21. I did a reset of the AC power and disconnected the network cable because I thought the device would get a new IP address via DHCP. Even with connection assist I can’t connect to the inverter. Any idea? ( inverter directly connected to laptop )

  13. Jürgen Rennkamp
    Jürgen Rennkamp says:

    I woud like to change the IP-Adress (WLAN) form my Sunny Boy 1.5-40-VL (Software: 2.5.1.R) Also with the tool SMA-Connection-Assist it looks good, but it dosen´t work. When ist the change (new) IP on WLAN working ?
    Must i wait or swich annything on / off ?

    What can Do ?

  14. Nicodemus Mugachia
    Nicodemus Mugachia says:

    Hi, Carolyn,
    Am unable to open the Picture that you posted for resetting Sunny Tripower down to default settings.Can you send it via email “”.

  15. Cihad
    Cihad says:


    I want to connect to inverter manager with LCS Tool over a router. Which port can I add my router (port forwarding) or other solution. because I don’t enter an IP number for connecting inverter manager. Maybe, LCS tool is using connect İnverter manager over ports or protocol. Can you explane us, thank you.

  16. Christian
    Christian says:

    What to do when you’re unable to add your pv to the portal because it says “unable to find …”. Both IDs are correctly entered..


  17. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    I need to Chiang my wifi password as I have a new modem and my sma inverter won’t connect to my wifi since changing modems. I’ve checked my online account and can not see anywhere to update this info or how to get my inverted connecting to the new wifi. Please help

    • Carolyn Schlosser
      Carolyn Schlosser says:

      Hi Nicole,

      We are not able to help you without having any information about your system. Please check your user guide or contact your installer.

      Sunny regards,

  18. Massimo
    Massimo says:

    I need to configure the network connection. Could you provide the IP address and subnet of default for STP 10000TL-20

    • Carolyn Schlosser
      Carolyn Schlosser says:

      Hi Nicodemus,

      unfortunately we can’t attach pictures in the comments. I will send you a screenshot via e-mail, that may help to reset your inverter down to default factory settings.

      Sunny regards,

      • Nicodemus Mugachia
        Nicodemus Mugachia says:

        Hi Carolyn,
        Kindly send me the pictures on how to reset SMA tripower down to default factory settings.



  19. Rohit Kumar
    Rohit Kumar says:

    I am looking for an option to define IP address of the Inverter on LCS tool. It usually detects in same network and same vlan. But what if i want to connect it from vpn. Is there any options or alternate ?

    Please suggest

    • Tobias Fricke
      Tobias Fricke says:

      Hello Rohit,
      the LCS Tool is for setting up the Inverter Manager for STP60 only.
      The inverter network is separated and the inverters are getting IP addresses only from Lan port 2 of the Inverter Manager.

      If you are using other SMA inverters, please use the SMA Connection Assist or directly the Web-interface of the inverters to assign fixed IP addresses.

      Kind regards,

    • Annika Linke
      Annika Linke says:

      Hi Rohit,

      Hi Rohit,
      We regret to inform you that the IP address of the inverters cannot be adjusted. Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have further questions.
      Kind regards, Annika

  20. Abdelkarim
    Abdelkarim says:


    How to connect two different inverters to sunny portal with a switcher connected to a router?

    • Jennifer Rößler
      Jennifer Rößler says:

      Hi Abdelkarim,

      If you want to monitor both units separately and you don´t have to consider power limitation control etc., please assign different passwords for both devices. Afterwards, you should be able to create two different pv systems at Sunny Portal using the Sunny Portal Assistant.

      Please do not hesitate to contact our Service Line (+49 561 9522-2499) if you have further questions.

      Kind regards, Jennifer

  21. Fred B
    Fred B says:

    My SMA inverter has reset its subnet mask and IP address after a grid failure. Connection assistant can not find it, even connected directly to the computer. Is there a way to change the settings on the inverter itself?

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