Service tip #4: Error F806 when commissioning Sunny Backup 5000

Our service tips have generally been related to Sunny Boy or Sunny Tripower inverters so far. This time, I asked the colleagues from our Sunny Island and Sunny Backup Service Line what burning questions you have.


My colleague Fabian told me that error message F806 on Sunny Backup 5000 often crops up in conversations, which earns it an article in our blog. You describe the following problem when you call:

Error message F806 on Sunny Backup 5000

Error message F806 on Sunny Backup 5000

The Sunny Backup System M or L (with or without self-consumption) was installed with an AS-Box-M/L-20. After the Quick Configuration Guide (QCG) has been completed and you try to start the system, error message F806 comes up on the display of the SBU 5000 and the system does not start operating, instead returning to standby mode. But why?


Incorrect Setting in the Quick Configuration Guide

An incorrect setting was made in the QCG. This error is not documented in the manual, which we want to rectify here in the blog  ;).

The AS-Box-M/L-20 has a generator connection which must be configured as an external source in the SBU 5000. That also applies if you do not want to connect a generator to the AS-Box.


How to Rectify the Error

Restart the QCG. Switch off the SBU 5000 and wait until the display and LEDs have gone out. Then switch the device on again. “To init system hold <Enter>” is displayed after the start-up phase. Press <Enter> within 5 seconds and hold it until the Sunny Backup 5000 beeps three times.

Select “New System” and make all settings in the QCG again. Set the following parameters as you do so. In particular, note the highlighted parameters.

– 02#Device (Master)

– 04#Sys (AS-Box-M) or (AS-Box-L)

– 09#Dt (current date)

– 10#Tm (current time)

– 11#BatTyp (type of your battery)

– 12#BatVtgLst (48 V)

– 13#BatCpyNom (capacity of your battery in C10)

– 20#ExtSrc (GenGrid)

– 22#GnCurNom (0 A)

– 23#GnStrMod (manual)

– 24#GdCurNom (your fuse upstream of the AS-Box; set at most 35 A (AS-Box M) or 63 A (AS-Box L)

After this, you can restart the system without error messages.


Further Information

For detailed information on switching the device on and off, and the QCG, see the Technical Description of the SBU 5000 (SBU5000-TDE083020).

Do you have similar tips or other questions? Feel free to write to us or contact our Sunny Island and Sunny Backup Service Line.



Information: All work on the inverter and the cabling of the PV array must be carried out by an electrically qualified person. SMA shall bear no liability for damage caused by disregarding these safety messages.


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