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Storing solar power and optimizing self-consumption at home are key trends for all PV system operators. Depending on the size of the system and of the storage system, you can optimize your use of self-generated solar energy and can even make you completely independent from your power company. We can show you how it works in Sunny Places with the new “Try a Demo” function.

If you have not yet purchased a battery yourself but would like to know how a storage system works as part of the overall PV system, it is now possible to take a closer look in the online community portal Sunny Places. Courtesy of two demo systems, we can show you live data from our two storage system types: the “integrated storage system” featuring the Sunny Boy Smart Energy and the “flexible storage system” featuring the Sunny Island and Sunny Tripower.



Live test with SMA Integrated Storage System

Sunny Boy Smart Energy is part of the SMA Integrated Storage System.

Live storage system check

Based on weather forecasts, you can determine how much solar power the system is actually generating and how much power is being consumed by the washing machine or dishwasher, whether the system is currently pumping solar power into the grid or storing it to the battery, or whether your home is currently using power from the utility grid.

Taking a close look at the system description will give you an overview of the system and highlight its special features. For instance, the “flexible storage system” in Kassel is an east–west PV system. The benefit of this module alignment is that it produces a particularly large amount of solar energy for direct consumption from morning to evening.

The energy balance provides information relating to generation and consumption throughout the entire service life of the system, thereby giving you an idea of the overall system efficiency.



sma flexible storage

Live test with the SMA Flexible Storage System including the battery inverter Sunny Isalnd .

Give it a try now

A lot of things simply have to be seen to be believed, and to get a better understanding of how they work. With this in mind, have fun with our demo systems.

Have you not yet purchased a PV system and want to know whether it would be worth the investment? All you need to do is follow three steps to simulate your own system via Sunny Places.

And this storage system test will tell you in less than a minute which storage system type you are.


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