Museum Visitors Can Now Charge Electric Vehicles With Solar Power

Visitors to the Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk museum in Anger, Bavaria, can now charge their electric vehicles with solar power while they marvel at the tin toys, model railways and classic cars on show. A 300 kWp PV system supplies not only the building with electricity, but also the charging stations for electric cars and bikes. The visitors can choose between boost charging with 150 kW or simple charging with 22 kW.

We now generate the electricity for electric vehicles and bikes on our own roof in an ecofriendly way,” said Oliver Schwenk, Managing Director of the Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk. “The solar power from the PV system is used for charging the vehicles and supplying the building. This also enables us to significantly reduce operating costs.”

Cost-effective solar power supplies charging stations and buildings

The approximately 300 kWp PV system, which contains five free-standing Sunny Tripower CORE1 inverters, generates around 280,000 kWh per year. This reduces the amount of electricity purchased for the building by up to 40 %. Only a small proportion of the solar power is fed into the utility grid. “Instead, excess solar power is stored,” explained Rupert Haslinger, project manager at Allmobil GmbH, which installed the system. “An intelligent energy management system ensures that the solar power that is stored in the station can be fed into vehicles very quickly, if necessary. This also makes it possible to achieve high charging powers without burdening the utility grid.”

The Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk is a tourist attraction in Berchtesgadener Land. Here, Hans-Peter Porsche, grandson of the legendary automotive pioneer, displays the world’s largest, publicly accessible collection from the golden age of tin toys (1860 to 1930) and an alpine H0 model railway world complete with a light show. In addition to the main exhibits, visitors can also marvel at the collection of extraordinary classic cars. The Traumwerk covers around 55,000 square meters and can be conveniently reached from the A8 freeway via the Bad Reichenhall intersection, close to the German–Austrian border and Salzburg.

Zum Traumwerk 1, 83454 Anger, Germany; opening hours: Tuesday –Sun. 9:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.


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