Service Tip: Simple Steps for Installing the SMA Energy App

Control, visualize and optimize energy flows – and of course intelligently charge your electric vehicle – with the SMA Energy app. More than 780,000 users are already using our SMA Energy app to manage their home energy systems. This service tip will help you with the installation.

Become a successful app user in three steps

  • Step 1: Register in Sunny Portal

You need to have successfully registered in Sunny Portal before you can use the SMA Energy app. The data displayed in the app is recorded in Sunny Portal beforehand; the registration process establishes the required connection between the two systems.

So please make sure that your registration in Sunny Portal has worked.

If you register in Sunny Portal ennexOS, you will have only limited use of the SMA Energy app. We will explain which portal to use for which application in the info box at the end of the article.

How to register in Sunny Portal

The system setup assistant will take you through the registration process. Click ”Continue“ at the bottom right of the screen to register in Sunny Portal – this will take you to the required Sunny Portal registration screen. If you are wanting to use the Data Manager, it is important that the message “Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS” is displayed.

Sunny Portal: Straightforward registration process with the system setup assistant

  • Step 2: Download the SMA Energy app

You can download the SMA Energy app from your App Store. You can find more information here.

  • Step 3: Log in

You can now use your login details for Sunny Portal to log into the SMA Energy app.


Troubleshooting for error messages and faults

Are you unable to use the app even though you’ve registered in the portal or have you received an error message?

1. Login was unsuccessful 

Please check whether you are able to use your login details to log into Sunny Portal (website).

If this does not work, please go to “Forgotten password” and set a new password.

2. Login was successful but there seems to be a delay in the data being transferred

The data of your PV system is processed via Sunny Portal, prepared there and then visualized in the Energy App. This can sometimes lead to a delayed display.

What the SMA Energy app can do for you

1. Visualize your energy

  • View current solar power production and usage
  • Daily and historical yields
  • Overview of residual current usage
  • Information on battery state of charge (if available)
  • View your carbon footprint

2. Make your energy supply sustainable

  • Use up-to-date forecasts for solar power production
  • Benefit from recommended actions as a basis for optimized energy use
  • Consequently reduce grid-supplied power and save on electricity costs

3. Smart electric vehicle charging

  • Conveniently manage charging processes
  • Benefit from the charging modes of the SMA EV Charger
  1. Forecast-based charging: Define a charging target and charge at minimal cost
  2. Optimized charging: Smart charging with self-generated solar power
  3. Fast charging: Extra-fast charging via the boost function (this function can be enabled only using the rotary switch on the SMA EV Charger).

Info box: Overview of the SMA Portal environment

Sunny Portal provides an overview – anytime and anywhere – of all the most important data for commercial and residential systems, and displays figures and energy yields enabling users to perform further analyses and comparisons. Users can therefore immediately respond to faults or deviations. System monitoring is performed by Sunny Home Manager 2.0 or the SMA Cluster Controller.

Sunny Portal ennexOS is the more advanced version of Sunny Portal focusing on integrated energy and intelligent energy management. The Data Manager is responsible for system monitoring in this case.

Once the PV system has been registered in Sunny Portal, Sunny Places also displays all the most important system data and provides an information overview of the current system status (performance, usage, weather forecast, etc.). Users can compare their own systems with public PV systems. Sharing information in the community enables users to pick up various tips and tricks on how to optimize their own systems.


More information on the SMA Energy app

Product page




  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    For the past week I have not been able to log into the Sunny Portal on the web, I get an error message saying my email or password may be wrong. If I request a password reset I never receive an email.
    The Sunny Energy app works just fine on my android phone, but I use my fingerprint to log in. Is there a way to use the app to reset my password so I can log in on the web browser?


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