Milan Design Week: SMA Inverter for Solar Roof

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Solar Roof at Milan Design Week

Green design and sustainability to develop the smart city: this is the goal of Tan Tien, the innovative photovoltaic roof powered by SMA inverters which was recently presented at Milan Design Week, the most important Italian design and creativity fair. The project promotes a green and zero-emission use of electrical vehicles in the city.

The project: vision of an ideal city

Tan Tien is an innovative “energy source” SMA supports in collaboration with Energiebau Italia: the PV roof is able to recharge electrical vehicles and, at the same time, produce green electricity for homes or companies connected to the roof. The entire project is powered by SMA Sunny Tripower 10000TL-10 inverters.


“Tan Tien represents the SMA commitment to research and development of new zero-emissions solutions” says Valerio Natalizia, Managing Director of SMA Italia. “We joined the project with pleasure because it is a great opportunity to show to people the photovoltaic technology and the vision of an ideal city, totally based on renewable energies”.


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