From Sunny Portal- to the SMA Energy app: Advantages of switching!

Von der Sunny Portal- zur SMA Energy App: Das bringt der Wechsel

With more than 450,000 downloads, the SMA Energy App is well established in the market. Now after more than one year of parallel operation, the SMA Energy App has replaced the Sunny Portal App. Reason for doing so: After all, PV systems are becoming ever more complex, and the integration of storage and e-mobility is set to become standard. The SMA Energy App combines your private energy transition at home with the change to e-vehicles on the street. We will improve our SMA Energy App following your feedback!

Reactions following the transition period

After more than 10 years, our loyal customers need some time to get accustomed to the SMA Energy App. According to that, we have received quite a few comments after SMA has announced the deactivation of the Sunny Portal App. Thanks for your feedback! Your comments were very helpful to us regarding the improvement of the Sunny Portal App making the App so successful. We will continue doing that with the SMA Energy App. “We want to create a basis that allows us to continue offering powerful mobile access to private PV systems, custom-tailored”, said Benjamin Blaurock, Product Manager.

Many of your suggestion already flow into the development of our Energy App. Some are about to be realized and others will follow during the next two releases.

These changes will be coming soon:

  • Display of additional values (e.g., self-consumption)
  • Less scrolling
  • Higher-contrast colors
  • Additional diagrams showing detailed information on consumption and generation
  • Tablet version for IOS

We are still reviewing other suggestions and will decide on them in the near future.

Your feedback on the discontinuation of the Sunny Portal app


Why has the old Sunny Portal app been discontinued?

Energy systems are set to expand even more in the future (storage, e-mobility). SMA wants to position itself so that it is fit to meet this future demand and provide our customers with the best possible support. This means that the app has to be based on the right technology. The Sunny Portal app has been on the market for more than ten years, but now it is time for the next generation.

How did SMA inform everyone about the discontinuation of the Sunny Portal app?

We announced the change a while ago via the Sunny Portal app and told everyone well in advance the date on which the app would be discontinued. We left both applications running in parallel for over a year to ensure that the transition was as smooth as possible for our customers.

What do I need to do to use the new app?

Simply log in to the SMA Energy app using the same login details you used for the Sunny Portal app. You will then gain automatic access to the system and all the historical data (going back to when you first registered the system in SMA Sunny Portal).

What do I do if I forget my password?

You can reset your password at Then simply log in to the app with your new password.

When I log in with my details, I receive a message telling me that no system is linked to my account.

This could be due to the user role entered on your system, which must be at least “standard user.” We informed potentially affected customers via e-mail back in late October.

The old app showed my self-consumption data, for example, but I can´t see this in the SMA Energy app. Are changes still being made here?

Yes, and we will also be introducing a range of visualization changes (absolute values such as self-consumption, reduced scrolling, higher-contrast colors and additional diagrams for detailed consumption and generation). The same applies to the planned tablet version. The initial optimizations and changes will be available soon.

Where can I find the system logbook?

The SMA Energy app uses the overall system status from Sunny Portal. If a problem occurs there, this is displayed instantly in the app. We decided to remove the logbook because some customers don’t need all this highly technical information and instead find it rather confusing. For customers who are interested in accessing this technical information, we will also be providing the SMA 360° app free of charge. This application was developed primarily for PV installers but can also be used by tech-savvy end customers. You can also log in to this app using the same login details and access the system logbook.

Is a tablet version available?

A tablet version is already being developed and will follow shortly.


How the SMA Energy app benefits private system operators:

The SMA Energy app was developed for private system operators. This app is SMA’s way of uniting the private energy transition at home with the mobility transition on the road. In addition to visualizing solar system data, you can optimize energy flows or charge your electric vehicle intelligently based on recommendations for a resource-conserving energy supply.

A tailor-made “SMA 360°” app for solar power professionals:

The “SMA 360°” app supports PV installers on-site during the planning and commissioning of PV systems and provides valuable assistance during servicing measures.


Further technical information on that topic is available in the Knowledge area of our SMA Online Service Center.


This article was published in 2021. As we are constantly developing our solutions, there may be newer or additional options for the tips and techniques in this article.


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