Five great reasons to use the SMA Online Service Centre

Our Online Service Centre is designed to make PV system operators and installers’ lives easier. The intuitive platform makes it easier and quicker to create service requests, report issues, register and manage warranties and access the SMA Knowledge Base – at any time of the night or day. 

Need more convincing? Here are five great reasons to create a mySMA account today:

1. Save time, money and resources

Spend less time servicing and more time on revenue generating activities with our Online Service Centre – the fastest, most convenient way to manage your SMA products! What’s more, the platform is linked to the Sunny Portal, removing the need for manual entry of information from one to the other.

2. It’s a breeze to raise and track issues

No more waiting to speak with phone line support! The user-friendly platform makes it easy to open service tickets and track the progress of each case. Our team of experts provides bespoke support and will keep you updated on the progress of your resolution.

The best part? Cases can be raised for individuals and companies, with communications for each case collated in a single feed. All open cases can be viewed by multiple company login credentials — making it easier than ever for you as an installer to manage your service operations.

3. Access the information you need – when you need it

Once you login, you can access a wealth of knowledge that helps you to troubleshoot any issues and make the most of your products. From FAQs and product documentation to software update information, trending articles and new product previews, there’s everything you need to know and more – right in the platform!

4. Manage your SMA account and products

Keeping on top of your customers’ new and existing products and solutions is effortless with mySMA. Service support at its best, you can register products and extend warranties, request a service rebate or inverter exchange, manually amend delivery shipping information and access shipment tracking details – all at the click of a button.

5. It’s easy to get started

Available 24 hours a day, it is free to register and takes less than three minutes to set-up an account. Watch this video to discover how to make the most of the platform.

Ready to take advantage of all those benefits? Login to the Online Service Centre today!


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