Between Vegetable Skewers, Works of Art and Stage Shows: SMA Summer Festival

Elisa Schüfflerby Elisa Schüffler (guest post), 

Friday, 3:45 p.m., it’s time to go! Quickly, I turned off the computer, grabbed the sunglasses and headed off to the SMA summer festival. I didn’t want to miss the executive speeches, after all.

Some 2,900 SMA employees took part in the company festival under the solar roof on Sonnenallee. We are usually dispersed throughout Niestetal and Kassel at our various locations. It is not unusual for a week or more to go by without running into some colleagues, which makes relaxed events like this one, where we can reconnect with one another to exchange news and stories, even nicer.


SMA Band BlueSMAchine

This made it a very enjoyable evening, in which I moved from conversation to conversation. Many colleagues jumped on the shuttle bus provided to visit SMA’s two new buildings. Some colleagues reported back about SMA’s new Service center, which opened this past April in Sandershauser Berg, Niestetal, while others on SMA’s strategy in the logistics center in Fuldabrück.

In addition to the enjoyable conversations, there were also many interesting parts in the program and lots of delicious food. I was personally very impressed with the “veggie stand.” Even as a proclaimed meat eater I enjoyed a few grilled vegetable skewers.

SMA Bands and art work

However, the smell of the grill wasn’t the only thing in the air there was also the feeling of dOCUMENTA. SMA employees have let their energy and creativity run wild over the past months. I visited an exhibition in Sonnenallee of art work created by SMA coworkers, all of which would be auctioned to help fund the SMA Christmas Donation. From mobiles made of things nobody needs anymore, to prehistoric coins or abstract paintings, the multitude of inventive art pieces are sure to make the 2012 donation bigger than ever.


Colleques at the SMA Summer Festival.

Naturally, the SMA bands provided exceptional musical entertainment at the event. SMAcapella passed the mic to BlueSMAshine, who heated up the already warm summer air. When the SMAshers took the stage their fan club rocked out on their own inflatable guitars in the audience Then, an hour later, as the musicians from “Make Your Statement” took the stage, I decided to ditch my high-heels and we all danced well into the night at the SMA Disco.

My conclusion: This was a highly-successful event that showcased the fabulous work our colleagues in the ’Trade Fairs & Events’ department do. Everything was perfect.