Working Together Worldwide with SMA Colleagues

When I was asked to travel to SMA India to help our Indian colleagues with service CRM and logistics, I was a little bit nervous but mostly excited. It was my first time in India and in Asia.

View of Powai

View of Powai

SMA India is located in a Powai, a beautiful area with really modern buildings and a fascinating atmosphere. Powai is a suburban neighborhood located in the north east of Mumbai.

After almost 16 hours of flight including transits in Milan and Delhi I was really happy to be in Mumbai: perfect weather of 27 degrees, many friendly people everywhere, and nice music. I love being around friendly people so from the first moment I felt at home. There was a lot of traffic everywhere but I didn’t care.

Warm Welcome in India

In SMA India all colleagues gave me a warm welcome. I remember the nice Masala tea that one of the colleagues prepared for me every day!! Lunch was delicious Indian food and we ate together.

Indian Style is Booming.

Indian Style is Booming.

The beautiful dresses from my colleagues inspired me to wear Indian clothes not only in India. I keep wearing the India clothes in Prague. My colleagues at SMA Central & Eastern Europe got inspired too and they also wear Indian clothes.

Taj Mahal and Photovoltaics

There was some time to see beautiful and historical places like Gateway of India, Taj Mahal hotel and the historic railway station in Mumbai. I had also time to visit the Juhu Beach, where I could see how the children played various games such as cricket.
I was impressed to see how hard our colleagues work in India; they spent a lot of time visiting customers and installations. It was very impressive to see how they face all the challenges with optimism. I learned a lot from them! Sadly the week in India was over but I still keep the nice memories. I enjoyed a lot this experience. I am looking forward to going back and spend more time with my friends at SMA India.

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This article was published in 2012. As we are constantly developing our solutions, there may be newer or additional options for the tips and techniques in this article.