Women Engineers from around Hessen Hosted at SMA

Women and technology don’t mix? With us they do. On March 14, 7 female mentors and 19 mentorees were welcomed at SMA to get to know the company. Many of the mentorees are currently studying subjects such as electrical engineering, environmental engineering, informatics and nano-structural science at universities throughout Hessen. Others have finished studying and are now working on PhDs in physics, material science or mechanics. Quite impressive. The participating female mentors were all experienced engineers from prominent companies such as Merck, Hewlett-Packard and Siemens. The majority of participants came from south Hessen.

„A very Innovative and Dynamic Company”

She give a lecture

She give a lecture

SMA’s mentor Jeanette Klockgether (EVP Marketing & Sales PPS) spoke about our company as well as her own impressive career as an engineer as one mentoree described her as „totally motivating“ In addition to a presentation about company culture by Chief Human Resources Officer, Jürgen Dolle, Mascha Bornmann from Personnel Development spoke about career options and potential for development at SMA.
Our guests were impressed by the openness and authenticity of our speakers and enjoyed the fact that discussion about renewable energy and the current political atmosphere surrounding Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) was not discouraged but rather embraced. The following tour through Solar Factory 1 and the Solar Academy, lead by Peter Henniges, was also well received.
The participants praised the organization of the day, the interesting program points and described the tour as ’a very successful event, which pained SMA as a best place to work.“

to give a lecture
Starting in May, 3 female SMA engineers will become active mentors. And who knows; perhaps we’ll see a few of the mentorees again as future employees in our company.

From the Mentors:

„SMA is an interesting company with an intriguing perspective. I was able to get a good sense of the products SMA offers and will gladly recommend SMA as an employer to others.“
„Everything is running great. Keep it up! If you really are the way you appear, I would love to work here.“

From the Mentorees:

„I received a lot of useful information about renewable energy. In addition, I was able to get to know SMA as an employer and learn about writing a thesis here or starting to work here after my studies.“
„The tour showed me that companies can be run in an environmentally-friendly way and still be successful.”

Information about the Mentoring Network

SMA has been a member of the mentoring network for women in natural sciences and technology since July 2011. The goal of the network is to connect female students in M.I.N.T. Subjects (mathematics, informatics, natural science and technology) with experienced female engineers to help guide them from the end of their studies into the working world.
SMA has a vested interest in increasing the number of female professionals in technical fields to create diversity in our teams, which leads to higher innovation. We gladly took the opportunity to present our company to female engineers as part of this program.