Vorderer Westen – something for the eyes and for the soul

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Petra Krug

Petra Krug

The Vorderer Westen, the most popular part of the city for academics (and those who would like to be academics) between 20 and 60 years old, extends all around the Bebelplatz and the Stadthalle. In the 1960s, some of the buildings from the Wilhelminian era were supposed to be torn down to make way for “new modern construction”. Borrowing from the house dwellings in some large cities, many apartment-sharing communities sprang up at this time in the Vorderer Westen, where some members of the SMA Executive Board could be found.


villa in Kassel west

At that time, these dilapidated houses were inexpensive to purchase, and after the original structures were lovingly restored, the Vorderer Westen is now one of the most beautiful parts of the city. There are also several parks in this part of the city, and this is not the only reason that the Vorderer Westen is worth strolling through.
The rental costs are accordingly not the lowest in Kassel, but a person must keep in mind that even though these are beautiful buildings very few of them have elevators, garages, and the like. For all this, however, this part of the city is in an excellent location in terms of transportation accessibility, it has a lot of beautiful shops, and the dining options on the Bebelplatz and leaves hardly any wish unfulfilled.

And apropos eateries? Anyone who is seeking a quick bite for lunch can rejuvenate themselves with two delicious specials or the selection of organic salads at the Schmanddibben on the Goethestern or enjoy a few Italian delicacies at Sapori D’Italia on the Bebelplatz.

Schmanddibben on the Goethestern

Schmanddibben on the Goethestern

They serve a nice breakfast at the Cafe Hahn in the Pestalozzistraße (in good weather on the terrace) and things are a bit more exotic at Bashis Delight (www.bashi.de), an Indian fast-food restaurant. And please save room for dessert.

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