Take Off Into the Future of Energy With the SMA Data Manager M

(Update 10.7.18) The energy supply of the future is decentralized and digital. This is no longer a secret. Anyone who wants to benefit from the advantages and new possibilities of a more efficient energy supply long term can now take a decisive step closer with the SMA Data Manager M. Thus, commercial companies can significantly reduce their energy costs.

In decentralized energy markets, flexible systems and the intelligent coupling of sectors ensure efficient energy use and an enormous cost-saving potential. Corresponding interfaces are already available today and are being further developed regularly. ennexOS is the IoT platform for cross-sector and intelligent energy management. In the future, it will be possible to connect all relevant sectors such as heating, climate control, electricity and mobility on a common platform, forming an efficient holistic system. With new technologies and solutions available, such as the Data Manager M, this goal is now within reach.


Energy efficiency made easy

With the SMA products of the ennexOS platform, the new SMA Data Manager M will provide installers and PV system operators worldwide with new possibilities starting in May, 2018—from system planning, installation and commissioning to data recording and analysis. It ensures optimal communication between all integrated devices and monitors them reliably and in detail. It replaces the tried and tested SMA Cluster Controller and adds a flexibly expandable system interface for intelligent energy management to the SMA portfolio.


The Data Manager M offers these advantages with the “Monitoring & Control” bundle:

  • Cross-sector system planning with Sunny Design powered by ennexOS
  • Quick and easy commissioning via the integrated user interface
  • Direct WLAN access without accessing the customer network
  • Time- and cost-effective monitoring of up to 50 devices (solar and battery inverters, I/O systems and energy meters)
  • High system performance thanks to easy parameterization and remote maintenance via Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS
  • Clear performance evaluation through satellite-based measured values (solar irradiation, outdoor and cell temperature, wind speed)


Modular and flexibly expandable

Particularly important: New functions are continuously added to the Data Manager M. SMA engineers develop new needs-based functions that make their users important players in the energy market of the future. Thus, the Data Manager is already a professional key component for intelligent energy management and will also handle cross-sector control of all energy flows in the future. It will then connect individual sectors in an efficient holistic system and become a professional interface for electric utility companies, direct marketers, installers, service technicians and PV system operators.

We will inform you here regularly about future functional expansions for the Data Manager M, the new Sunny Portal and ennexOS. It definitely pays off to stay tuned to the topic of the energy supply of the future—every functional expansion opens up new interesting business opportunities in the future energy market.


SMA ennexOS is the world’s only cross-sector IoT platform for holistic, intelligent energy management. Energy flows can be sustainably optimized and energy costs significantly reduced by connecting various energy sectors, such as heating, climate control, electricity and mobility.


In a new video, Jan Rössler, trainer at the Solar Academy, shows solar power professionals installing the Data Manager M in just a few steps:


In this video he guides you through the entire process from the intuitive commissioning wizard up to activation of the Data Manager M. System operators can thus quickly and easily visualize energy flows, control loads according to demand and benefit from a more efficient energy supply:

In our new “ennexOS in practice” area, we provide insights into the energy supply of the future and present new solutions such as the Data Manager M.

Go to ennexOS in practice


To receive news on the Data Manager M see the “Releases” tab on the Data Manager M product page.


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  1. Petyo Tzvetanov
    Petyo Tzvetanov says:

    We got in trouble trying to use Data Manager M.
    We can not use SMA sensor Box. Com Gateway is not compattible. The Data Manager is still under construction!
    From the service center they told us that firmware for making possible to use sensors together with Data Manager M will be ready in 2019.
    Help needed!

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