Rooftop Solar Solution by SMA and Indo Energy for Long An Cold Storage

SMA has partnered with Indo Energy Corporation (IEC) to set up a 1.6 MWp rooftop solar plant on the Long An Cold Storage facility in the Long An province of South Vietnam. This collaboration has helped one of Asia’s largest and most modern cold storage warehouses to go green & and reduce dependency on fossil fuels. The Partnership leverages SMA’s reliability, German technology in solar inverters, and IEC’s expertise as a turnkey EPC contractor.

About the facility: The Long An cold storage

Positioned as Vietnam’s most modern cold storage warehouse, the Long An facility features a fully automated cold storage area with an 18-storey shelf design, accommodating up to 40,000 pallets. Located in a strategic agricultural region lacking large-scale storage facilities, the cold storage serves as a gateway to the world for local agricultural products.

The rooftop solar plant of 1.6MW makes this facility further special. It also showcases the aspiration of investors to implement & adhere to the Renewable energy and Green Logistic policy of the country.

About Indo Energy Corporation (IEC)

IEC, a member of the Indochina Group, boasts over a decade of experience in M&E and industrial construction. Specializing in commercial and industrial rooftop projects, IEC has successfully implemented projects totaling 33.6 MW, with an additional 50 MW underway in Vietnam. IEC is one of the loyal SMA customers in the region.

Mr. Huynh Quoc Huy, Deputy Director of IEC, expressed the satisfaction of the association with SMA. He emphasized that the high quality of SMA products & reliability has helped to satisfy the end customer. He anticipates more successful collaborations in the future.

Sustainability powered by SMA.

SMA’s 14 units of Sunny High power SHP100-20-PEAK-3 (100 KW) inverters have been deployed for this project. PEAK3 is also referred to as a semi-central inverter with a single MPPT. This inverter works on the central architecture and stands for pure power. The inverter’s compact design offers the highest power density per device.

The advantage is optimal performance at a lightweight. The result is cheaper transportation and easier installation. Combined with the project-specific DC Combiner Boxes, the PV array can be oversized by up to 200%.

The 10 numbers of Data Manager installed complete the system and enable it to fulfill all of the grid operator’s requirements.

For the 1.6MWp rooftop solar project, a total of 2580 MWh units are generated annually. This furthermore helps the Long An cold storage facility save on extensive electricity expenses and reduces their dependency on fossil fuels.


Interested in learning about Sunny Highpower PEAK3?

Sunny Highpower Peak3 | SMA South East Asia (

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