Superior Service: Anucha of SMA Thailand

Anucha Chinkrajangjit, or ‘Long’ as he is known to his colleagues, is a service engineer in SMA’s Service department. He is responsible for after-sales service for both PPS and MPS markets. Before joining SMA, Anucha did not know about the company or its products. After joining SMA, he was sent for training at the head office in Germany. It was a great opportunity for the Thailand branch’s Service team to receive two months training. Anucha started off by making friends with other Thai staff and learned about the new culture, adjusted to the food and lifestyle differences, especially the long working hours in Germany.

From 0 to 100 Percent Confidence

After returning from training, Anucha had a new perspective on service. He was then able to start his career at SMA by becoming fully involved in service work at Thailand branch, including giving customers installation advice. As a member of the Service team, Anucha joined those who were also part of the same training program thus they were able to grow together by sharing their knowledge and experience. His first service work in Thailand was for a 32-MW power plant in Pranakorn Sri Ayudhya where he completed 95 percent of the project in one month. The customer telephoned to request an inspection for recommissioning. However, the entrance to the power plant was completely cut off to cars so the only way to enter the site to inspect the damage was by boat. Floodwater covered the entire plant and all the equipment was completely under water, as a result Anucha had to wait until the water level dropped before he could provide maintenance.

Anucha is working on a Sunny Central 800 CP

Anucha is working on a Sunny Central 800 CP

While waiting, Anucha performed commissioning work on a Sunny Central 800CP at another power plant in Pattaya. He and his team had received only limited training on this model; however, they had to educate the customer on-site. Although Anucha was not confident at first, his previous training on adjustment and modification of old models prepared him well. The customer was impressed, and Anucha became increasingly confident in his ability to provide better service.

Relaxation and Hobbies

On days off, Anucha likes to go to Yaowarat – China Town because this area offers variety of popular Thai-Chinese dishes, and the location is convenient for him to meet friends. At night, he enjoys the nearby Klong Tom Market, a famous Thai market that showcases electronic goods and tools. Anucha also enjoys studying the history of Asia. His favorite sport is Ping-Pong, in fact he even got the chance to compete with other SMA Service colleagues during his training in Greece.

Superior Service

Anucha believes that service is a dynamic job and in order to compete in the market, it’s important for him to keep developing and learning – particularly about the company’s various products and services. Knowledge and experience strengthen the team’s ability to provide effective and successful service whether on-site servicing customers or providing solutions and new technology. This expertise builds customers’ confidence in the company and its products and services.


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