Sunny Island: Set Up a Stand-Alone Grid in 8 Steps

This screencast demonstrates how to configure a stand-alone grid with Sunny Island in only eight steps. Thanks to the integrated web interface, commissioning can be performed easily using a smartphone, tablet or–more conventionally–a PC. Jan Roessler, trainer at the SMA Solar Academy, provides handy tips and tricks on the settings required for storage systems in off-grid operation.




Sunny Island: Set Up a Stand-Alone Grid in 8 Steps
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  1. Benno Smith says:

    Is iot possible to set up a Sunny Island – 11 6.0H thjat is equipped with an ethernet card in this way? or is there an application the
    at is needed to do this?

    • Benno says:

      Correction to the above:

      Is it possible to set up a Sunny Island – 11 6.0H that is equipped with an ethernet card via Sunny Explorer in this way?
      Or is there an additional application that is needed to do this?

      • Annika Linke
        Annika Linke says:

        Hello Benno,
        to set up a Sunny Island 6.0H-11 you need the additional Sunny Remote Control. Without the Sunny Remote Control it is not possible to set up the System.
        Cheers, Annika

      • Raymond says:

        Do you mean this post only for SI 8 only? What about using combined SI 8 and SI 6 in a cluster?

      • Carolyn Schlosser
        Carolyn Schlosser says:

        Hi Raymond,

        you can combine the Sunny Island 6.0 H with the Sunny Island 6.0 H. If you are interested in using Sunny Island 6.0 H and Sunny Island 8.0 H combined, you may read this file on page 11.

        Kind regards

    • Annika Linke
      Annika Linke says:

      Hi Julio,
      Referring to your inquiry, I just need to know what typ of devices need to be setup for Split-Phase arrangements 60Hz?
      Please have a look at this document, that may help to find out wether your inverter is compatible or not. Otherwise, please do providing inverters Serialnumber. Better direct your query then to
      Best regards, Annika

  2. Desmet Jarno says:


    I want to set up a stand-alone system off-grid. I have one Sunny Island 8.0h and two Sunny Boy 5.0 and a battery bank with VRLA batterys with 120kwh.

    Question; if the batteries are fully charged, and there are no loads applied, and the PV installation with the Sunny Boys is still producing energy, what will happen with this engery?

    Thanks Jarno.

  3. Jarle Johannessen says:

    I have a small stand alone off grid system at my cottage.
    With 1500w PV panels with external MPPT regulator, this is hooked up to a battery package from a Mitsubishi I-Miev, which is reconfigured to 48V and watched by a REC-BMS SI, which is communicaating with the SI.
    What do I need to get my SI4.4-11M to communicate with the sunny portal web interface?
    I have the Sunny Remote Control.

  4. Badru Bakari says:

    Is it possible to set up the Sunny Island without the use of a sunny Boy?

    Also, does the Sunny Island support lifepo4 batteries and where can i find a list of supported battery manufacturers?



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