Sunny Island: Connect to the Utility Grid in 8 Steps

This screencast demonstrates how to make the Sunny Island ready for operation for self-consumption systems on the utility grid in only eight steps. Thanks to the integrated web interface, commissioning can be performed easily using a smartphone, tablet or PC. Jan Rössler, trainer at the SMA Solar Academy, provides handy tips and tricks on the settings required for storage systems on the utility grid.


Sunny Island: Connect to the Utility Grid in Only Eight Steps


This article was published in 2017. As we are constantly developing our solutions, there may be newer or additional options for the tips and techniques in this article.

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  1. Kurnia
    Kurnia says:

    Recently i’ve commissioned On grid system with self consumption for our workshop. it consists 3 SB 1.5 (total 4,5 kwp) and SI 8.011(using src). we wanna treat Utility Grid as energy reserved (not main supply). the system would not be battery-backup system. under grid management services, is it possible if we control grid based on SOC battery?for instance in low SOC, and the load demand increase grid will help charge the battery. if yes what parameter in SRC to control utility Grid?


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