Sunny Design: New E-mobility Feature for Residential and Commercial Systems

Our SUNNY DESIGN Planning Tool now offers new features, providing solar power professionals and system designers with even more options when configuring residential and commercial PV systems.

The free Sunny  Design Web now offers e-mobility for residential self-consumption projects

  • An electric vehicle with charging stations can now be factored in as a load in PV self-consumption systems.
  • To display the use of a vehicle, different templates for typical scenarios are available to choose from.
  • All key figures related to energy demand and costs can be viewed.

The planning of energy systems in the Sunny Design Pro has been expanded with residential e-mobility:

The energy system can be configured for multiple charging stations for different vehicle types.
Two different charging station configurations are available:

  1. If vehicle information is provided, for example, in multi-family dwellings or vehicle fleets, it can be concretely specified.
  2. If no concrete vehicle information is given, utilization times and utilization of the charging stations can be configurated based on statistical assumptions, for example, in grocery stores or hotels.
  3. In both cases, tailor-made templates are available that can easily be adapted to every customer’s situation.

What  else new in Sunny Design Pro?

  • Energy system projects now also include scenarios for single-family homes.
  • In addition, the demand for heat can be calculated with the help of predefined building types.
  • And the volume of thermal buffer storage can be manually adjusted.

All information on the Sunny Design planning tool can be found at


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